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Contents: February 2007 edition

19 Feb 2007

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More emphasis on networking could help technology transfer

High-performance microchannel plate photomultipliers developed for use in space could have a wealth of terrestrial applications from drug screening through to environmental science. Jon Lapington tells us more.


Video capability revives interest in laser method

Plastic surgery, neuroscience and dermatology could all benefit from the release of the first commercial instrument to image blood flow in real time, at up to 25 frames per second. James Tyrrell speaks to David Briers, one of the pioneers of laser speckle contrast analysis, to discover more about the technique that was first conceived over 25 years ago.


Microhand is a perfect fit for optical tweezers

A user-friendly set of optical tweezers that uses the position of the operator's hands to move trapped particles is broadening the appeal of the technology. Jacqueline Hewett reports.


Extended VCSEL wavelengths offer gas sensing source

Markus Ortsiefer from Vertilas explains why long-wavelength tunable VCSELs are a better option for gas sensing than the lead-salt, quantum-cascade and diode-pumped solid-state lasers that are used today.


Weigh up your options before buying eyewear

Deciding which laser-safety eyewear is the best option for your experiment can be difficult. Tom MacMullin looks at what's on offer and details the criteria to consider before choosing.

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