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15 Aug 18
Terahertz tech reveals semiconductor laser mechanism

Leeds University-led international team shows how single lasing wavelength gets selected.

15 Aug 18
UES wins $49M to test laser-protective materials for US Air Force

Materials development company to work on new technologies to protect air crews from both blinding flashes and future directed energy threats.

15 Aug 18
NASA awards UbiQD contract to develop ‘greenhouse film’ for space

Quantum dot-based materials can boost crop yields; early testing with tomatoes in US achieved up to 30% improvement.

14 Aug 18
Lasers etch dirt-busting ‘lotus effect’ on aircraft

Partners Fraunhofer IWS, TU Dresden and Airbus use lasers to engrave water- and dirt-repellent nanostructures on aircraft surfaces.

10 Aug 18
MIT develops optical textiles for comms and biomedical apps

Novel technique incorporates fiber and opto-diodes into wearable material creating washable "smart" fabrics.

08 Aug 18
E-beam patterning enables filterless, full-color OLEDs

As market for OLEDs grows to meet expanding AR and VR applications, Fraunhofer FEP develops new manufacturing method.

02 Aug 18
Optical fibers sense nature of materials

Scientists at EPFL, Switzerland, develop opto-acoustic method to identify fiber’s surroundings.

01 Aug 18
Millimeter-scale silicon chip creates quantum random numbers for IT security

Integrates all optical components on one chip made using industry-standard fabrication techniques.

31 Jul 18
imec developing ultra-small on-chip microscopy platform

Grant from the ERC will support project combining CMOS imager technology and integrated photonics.

26 Jul 18
imec beats silicon PV with 27.1% perovskite-silicon tandem cell

Further engineering of the material will bring efficiencies over 30% in reach, say the researchers.

18 Jul 18
UCSD materials processing trick creates 'revolutionary' laser crystal

For ultra-short, high-power pulses — promises more powerful lasers with broad tunability.

18 Jul 18
Quantum dot white LEDs achieve 'record' efficiency

Researchers in Turkey say novel approach to white LEDs could lead to more energy-efficient lighting.

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