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07 Dec 17
Optical switching of chemical reaction pathways

Australian-led group modulates visible light to control coupling; method could cut cost of making ICs and more.

06 Dec 17
Hybrid laser diode suits CMOS wafer fabrication process

CEA Leti silicon photonics process incorporating DFB laser said to be fully compatible with large-scale integration.

06 Dec 17
Squeezing light into tiny channel promising for optical computing

Imperial College team reduces distance over which light can usefully interact with itself by a factor of 10,000.

30 Nov 17
AMC and LioniX International partner on development of OCT modules

Venture developing PIC-based OCT module that promises handlheld scanners; new paper will showcase work at Photonics West 2018.

29 Nov 17
Thin, flat meta-lenses with tunable features developed

Korean-UK group makes “credit card-thick” metasurface lenses from graphene and gold, to focus terahertz beams.

28 Nov 17
Raman method shows progress of Alzheimer's disease at cell level

Researchers at University of Twente reveal early signs of disease; technique could be adapted for surgical use in vivo.

22 Nov 17
Stacked color sensor exceeds mosaic performance

Swiss group finds that overlaying new color detectors boosts resolution and sensitivity to multiple wavelengths.

22 Nov 17
Solliance claims new records for R2R perovskite solar cells

Latest breakthrough “another step towards rapid introduction of efficient solar cell technology”.

21 Nov 17
BAE Systems develops film to protect pilots from laser attack

Selective film prevents laser transmission, but allows natural light to pass though canopy.

21 Nov 17
Greatcell wins €700,000 Horizon 2020 grant for PV

Italian subsidiary of Australian former Dyesol company is partnered with CEA, EPFL University of Rome and Fraunhofer.

14 Nov 17
Modified optogenetic process controls single neurons

Focused laser beam on individual cells could map key brain activities that drive behavior.

07 Nov 17
Lockheed to adapt fiber laser weapon for fighter jet

$26.3M development project focused around three subsystems including high-energy laser capable of disabling enemy targets.

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