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29 Oct 13
EU funds development of ultrafast disk lasers

University of Stuttgart will lead two international consortia with distinct objectives.

29 Oct 13
UK’s first laser vibrometry test facility opening in early 2014

ASDEC, a partnership between the University of Leicester and Polytec, to offer new robot-mounted R&D facilities for automotive and engineering systems designers.

29 Oct 13
Metamaterial lens promises clinical diagnoses

Terahertz device produced by University of Sydney team could lead to new microscopes 'within two or three years'.

23 Oct 13
Rail tracks embedded with fiber optics to boost safety

UK Institute of Railway Research project demos "smart", modular, all-steel tracks.

22 Oct 13
Aluminum studs make solar cells 25% more efficient

"Lego" brick design shown to make better - and cheaper - energy converters.

16 Oct 13
Photon Control R&D wins grant to research Raman spectroscopy

For development of novel technologies and products in the Raman field.

16 Oct 13
Pulsed laser delivers single photons on demand

“Breakthrough” research project at University of Sydney progresses quantum computing technology.

10 Oct 13
Spinning disk improves super-resolution imaging

New technique yields 30 nm resolution with low laser power and can see inside cell’s nucleus.

08 Oct 13
ASML and imec push towards sub-10 nm patterning

Ongoing collaboration will see around 100 engineers work to advance chip feature scaling to the next level.

08 Oct 13
French partners sign IR development partnership

Five-year deal will see IR specialist Sofradir exploit more research from public defense and aerospace establishment Onera.

04 Oct 13
Novaled heads up €4M OLED project

'ENAB-SPOLED' effort aims to develop solution process approach to cut the cost of organic LED lighting.

02 Oct 13
CSIR controls laser modes on demand

South African team uses intra-cavity digitally addressed holographic mirror to influence beam output.

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