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28 May 13
PV researchers develop 43.6 % four-junction solar cell

Result is under "concentrated sunlight", French-German team aiming for 50% efficiency by novel manufacturing technologies.

24 May 13
M Squared partners with Fraunhofer on gas emissions

Laser company collaborates with new Glasgow photonics hub on project co-funded by UK’s Technology Strategy Board.

22 May 13
Stanford physicists develop 'polariton' laser

New method of producing "coherent matter" beams promises laser that would use one hundredth the power of conventional lasers.

22 May 13
LASER 2013: 3D observation of high-speed manufacture

Fraunhofer IOF development projects 400 images/s and creates 40 3D images/s.

21 May 13
DVD optics for on-the-spot HIV testing

Using a DVD drive as a laser scanning microscope could make blood analysis faster and cheaper.

13 May 13
Camera sees through arthropod-inspired eye

Optical system based on the design of compound eyes allows wide field of view and infinite depth of field.

08 May 13
Silicon photonics specialists join forces to progress technology

MOSIS collaborates with imec, Tyndall and ePIXfab to offer customers advanced design and prototyping services.

08 May 13
Dual-color lasers promise cheap, efficient LED lighting

Such technology could be used for solid state lighting, full color displays, and sources for fluorescence bio and chemical detection.

08 May 13
UCL hones biophotonics expertise

A trio of projects indicate the variety of biophotonics research underway at University College, London.

01 May 13
OCT measurement offers route to improved optical lenses

Greater understanding of “S-GRIN” lens structure boosts design and performance.

01 May 13
Nanostructures boost solar cell efficiency

"Black silicon" coating almost eliminates reflection losses of solar radiation.

25 Apr 13
Physicists find right (and left) solution for on-chip optics

Novel nanoscale device converts optical signal into waves that travel through metal.

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