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29 Nov 16
Fraunhofer FEP presents flexible OLEDs from PI-SCALE pilot

Flexible OLEDs offer “new possibilities for special lighting”; debut at Display Workshops, Japan, from December 7–9. 

29 Nov 16
Zeiss gets agile with EPFL research deal

Collaboration will see Swiss Federal Institute of Technology receive €1 million from the German optics giant.

24 Nov 16
Tin-based perovskite promises cleaner, better solar power

Warwick group successfully substitutes tin for lead; findings justify intensive research into tin perovskite, say researchers.

22 Nov 16
NASA backs miniature spectrometer development in latest incubator funding

Research teams at Rice University and MIT's Lincoln Laboratory among 17 winners working on new technologies for Earth observation.

16 Nov 16
Tyndall makes photonics breakthrough to drive quantum computing

Irish research center develops quantum dot LEDs that can produce entangled photons.

16 Nov 16
Light detector records photons from UV through IR

Researchers at Aalto University reach near-unity response; with applications in medicine and safety.

09 Nov 16
Korea team constructs ‘thinnest photodetector’ at 1.3nm

IBS researchers report that 1.3nm cell based on MoS2 in graphene is “unusually efficient”.

02 Nov 16
Stereoscopic display to enable glasses-free 3D TV

Technology to benefit manufacturers of economical 2D/3D convertible mini-screens for mobile applications.

01 Nov 16
LZH pioneers optical biohybrid pacemaker

European project BioPACE develops “light-hearted” approach to treating cardiac arrhythmia.

26 Oct 16
Optogenetics drives search for life-changing drugs

License agreement between Max Planck Innovation and Photoswitch Biosciences to identify new drugs to treat blindness.

25 Oct 16
Gigaphoton hails efficiency progress with EUV source

Japanese firm says its laser-driven plasma source now delivers 100W with 5% efficiency and good stability.

19 Oct 16
ESO achieves 'highest resolution' image of Eta Carinae

VLT Interferometer captures raging winds in famous massive stellar system, using Doppler Effect.

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