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20 Mar 18
Multi-color images captured by lensless camera

Scientists at NTU use ground glass and monochrome sensor to reverse-engineer scattered light, regenerate color picture.

15 Mar 18
Rockley sets up Tyndall research lab

€3.4M joint investment with Irish Photonic Integration Centre to focus on silicon photonics technology.

13 Mar 18
Pixium Vision reports success with ‘bionic’ vision system

Prima system trialed in three patients with Atrophic Dry-AMD; all now showing positive reactions to implants.

08 Mar 18
Glasgow researchers 'unmix' liquids using laser

Novel approach to separation and creation of new phases could lead to new ways of manipulating matter and making crystals.

07 Mar 18
Developers open up about smart windows at Denver conference

SPIE’s smart materials conference learns about Delaware’s eco-friendly panels that switch from transparent to opaque.

01 Mar 18
Optical distance measurements made at record high speed

KIT/EPFL team uses soliton frequency comb to profile 150m/s speeding bullet with micrometer accuracy.

27 Feb 18
Max Planck-Trumpf team sees big potential in new mid-IR source

Ferenc Krausz and colleagues develop powerful disk-based oscillator covering much of the molecular 'fingerprint' spectrum.

22 Feb 18
Metalenses developed for MEMS chips

Harvard-Argonne partnership develops technology, with flexible features such as fast scanning and beam steering.

20 Feb 18
3D-printable 'clip' converts smart phone to microscope

Technology providing 5 µm resolution imagery but requiring no external light source made freely downloadable by Australian developers.

20 Feb 18
Corneal inlay offers new solution to presbyopia

University of Valencia implant corrects the condition by acting as a diffractive lens.

13 Feb 18
FORTH develops bioresorbable fiber Bragg gratings

Optical fiber sensors that can be safely implanted into the body could assist diagnosis and treatment.

12 Feb 18
VTT’s hyperspectral technology puts AI into consumer devices

Economically measures wavelengths not visible to the human eye; applications in food and consumer product safety.

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