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03 Jul 18
Metamaterial light mixer generates 11 wavelengths simultaneously

Sandia Lab's source mixes two laser pulses of NIR to produce range of eleven distinct outputs from NIR, through visible to UV.

28 Jun 18
‘Stealth sheet’ hides hot objects from infrared detectors

Hot bodies, whether human or military vehicles, are hidden by sheet that offers significant improvements over other masks.

27 Jun 18
MOICANA aims to integrate InP quantum dot lasers on silicon photonics

AUTH-led project to develop cheaper and more power-efficient innovations in photonic integrated transmitters.

27 Jun 18
LZH simulates undersea conditions to test laser machining

Pressure chamber recreates deep-sea environment allowing assessment of laser performance.

26 Jun 18
Oxford PV claims new record for perovskite solar cell

Leading perovskite developer says latest conversion efficiency beats best single-junction silicon cell’s rate.

26 Jun 18
US AIM project to develop transparent waveguide across MW- and LWIR range

UCSB-led team to develop a CMOS-compatible platform for integrating broad infrared lasers for AIM Photonics defense project.

25 Jun 18
Chameleon-inspired nanolaser changes colors

Northwestern nanolaser uses same color-changing mechanism as camouflage-capable lizard.

20 Jun 18
Laser-based process monitors quality and temperature of molten steel

University of Swansea wins UK prize for technology that could save steel plants millions of pounds.

19 Jun 18
Major step in large-scale production of photonics chips

Assembly machine from Fraunhofer Project Center to enable mass-production at University of Twente, Netherlands.

13 Jun 18
MIT/Technion team develops novel light-matter interaction

Reducing wavelength of light could allow it to be selectively absorbed/emitted by semiconductor, promising better solar cells, tunable emitters.

13 Jun 18
Frequency comb technique promises versatile gas sensor

University of Adelaide device could be used in health care, environmental monitoring and control of contamination.

11 Jun 18
Silicon Brillouin laser uses soundwaves to amplify light

Yale uses light-sound interactions to create strongest amplification mechanism in silicon - promising new types of lasers.

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