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12 Sep 17
University of Bonn probes human retina behavior

Adaptive optics helps reveal how color signals are conveyed on a cellular level.

05 Sep 17
Ballistic photons reveal endoscope location during surgery

Edinburgh project could help doctors follow progress of probes within the human body.

05 Sep 17
Graphene improves sensitivity of single-photon detectors

Project led by ICFO could boost performance of detectors in astronomy and information processing.

01 Sep 17
Excimer irradiation can clean up tainted soil

High power beam can break down toxic waste, promising better soil remediation, says Northeastern University research group.

31 Aug 17
Swedish team closes on Si-based quantum optical circuits

Researchers at KTH say they are "one step closer" by integrating quantum dots in silicon-based photonic chips.

30 Aug 17
Oxygen-enhanced optoacoustics reveals blood supply in tumors

University of Cambridge project improves understanding of vascular dynamics in prostate cancer.

24 Aug 17
Audi working with Alta Devices on cars with ‘solar roofs’

Firms sign MOU to develop vehicles overlaid with high-efficiency solar cells; prototype expected by end of 2017.

22 Aug 17
Printable phosphorus ink promises 'ultra-quick' optical shutters

Cambridge-led team achieves graphene-like results with black phosphorus, promising new photonics devices based on inkjet method.

22 Aug 17
Polarized light lets surgeons see nerves more clearly

University of Amsterdam technique could image nerves in real-time during clinical procedures.

16 Aug 17
Line-field OCT assists clear diagnosis of eye diseases

Medical University of Vienna method corrects for aberrations digitally without adaptive lenses.

16 Aug 17
MIT's breakthrough THz laser chosen for NASA mission

Professor Qing Hu’s tiny but high-efficiency terahertz laser suitable for imaging and chemical detection.

14 Aug 17
Tandem perovskite solar module nears 24% efficiency

Tweak to perovskite material used, anti-reflective texturing, and index-matching help push performance beyond standalone silicon.

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