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09 Jul 13
Rofin UK lands funding to develop high-power picosecond laser

Project boosted by £1.1 million grant from regional fund could create 57 new jobs.

04 Jul 13
Atom-thick solar cells promise new dawn for PV

Ultrathin sheets could produce hundreds of times more power per weight than existing solar cells, says MIT.

04 Jul 13
Optical microphone offers greater sensitivity

Economical optical-audio sensor developed in Norway gives microphones hyper-acute hearing and a sense of direction.

03 Jul 13
Imaging defects in organic solar cells

Researchers in Munich develop novel method for visualizing material defects in solar cells.

03 Jul 13
Sugar solution makes bio-tissues transparent

Enables novel optical scanning approach to biological analysis.

02 Jul 13
Abundant-element cell offers alternative solar route

Tiny thin-film cell made from copper, zinc, tin and selenium avoids use of rare and more expensive materials.

26 Jun 13
Sharp solar cell achieves top efficiency of 44.4%

New record set by concentrator triple-Junction compound device.

26 Jun 13
Tyndall researcher wins Intel's Outstanding Researcher award

Scientist at Cork-based partner of chip giant recognized for developing photonics for semiconductors.

20 Jun 13
Imec, Panasonic develop 4K2K CMOS image sensor

Chip targets high-speed, high-resolution imaging applications - such as next-gen HDTV

19 Jun 13
Quantum gas in laser cage research wins €0.75M prize

Körber European Science Prize 2013 presented to Immanuel Bloch of Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics.

19 Jun 13
“CryoLaser” cryogenic diode lasers deliver kilowatts

Stack with high-power diode lasers optimized for emerging ultra-high power laser applications.

19 Jun 13
Laser pulses investigate cirrus clouds

KIT (Karlsruhe) looks at cloud formation, rainfall and thunderstorms with "first" mobile terawawatt laser.

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