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01 Jun 12
UK funds business-led photonics projects

Coherent Scotland and M-Squared Lasers among recipients of grants for projects designed to create new commercial products and processes.

28 May 12
€10.3M project targets low-cost CIGS cells

'SCALENANO' consortium led by Barcelona energy research center looking to replace indium and print cells with nano-ink.

23 May 12
Major optical nonlinearity breakthrough at ORC

Southampton’s ORC creates artificial material with nonlinear optical properties seven orders of magnitude greater than any in nature.

22 May 12
Gamma detector promises improved sensitivity

Spectroscopy and security could both benefit from a Georgia Tech scintillator crystal based on nanopowders.

21 May 12
Stanford retinal implant combats vision loss

An implanted subretinal array could restore useful sight to patients blinded by degenerative retinal diseases.

17 May 12
Smethods initiative puts focus on optical design

A Support Action of the Europe's FP7 program sees seven institutions provide training in design and simulation.

14 May 12
Photoacoustics shows breast cancer malignancies

Results from a Dutch clinical study provide further evidence that the technique will be be a valuable diagnostic tool.

09 May 12
ISL develops solid-state lasers for aircraft protection

French-German research group works on ‘jamming and damaging’ systems

08 May 12
DSS 2012: Anti-dazzle protection for pilots

KiloLambda unveils a solid-state optical filter that blocks incoming laser light based on power rather than wavelength.

02 May 12
Luminus, Fraen optimize LED lighting output

Novel LED optics delivers high center beam power and uniformity for retail lighting.

02 May 12
Coupled laser pairs ‘switch each other off’

Novel laser-effect discovered at TUV, Vienna: if coupled, quantum cascade lasers can create a “laser blackout”.

01 May 12
DSS 2012: bringing new IR sensors to market

Changes in military needs mean both challenges and opportunities for new IR sensing technologies.

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