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02 Nov 16
Stereoscopic display to enable glasses-free 3D TV

Technology to benefit manufacturers of economical 2D/3D convertible mini-screens for mobile applications.

01 Nov 16
LZH pioneers optical biohybrid pacemaker

European project BioPACE develops “light-hearted” approach to treating cardiac arrhythmia.

26 Oct 16
Optogenetics drives search for life-changing drugs

License agreement between Max Planck Innovation and Photoswitch Biosciences to identify new drugs to treat blindness.

25 Oct 16
Gigaphoton hails efficiency progress with EUV source

Japanese firm says its laser-driven plasma source now delivers 100W with 5% efficiency and good stability.

19 Oct 16
ESO achieves 'highest resolution' image of Eta Carinae

VLT Interferometer captures raging winds in famous massive stellar system, using Doppler Effect.

19 Oct 16
Hydrogel optical fibers could reveal first signs of disease

MIT and Harvard develop stretchy implantable fibers to deliver therapeutic pulses of light within tissues.

14 Oct 16
Novel laser makes atomic clock '100 times sharper'

JILA team has now built the super-radiant design based on strontium atoms that it first proposed four years ago.

11 Oct 16
Optical approach for screening toxins mimics mammal senses

University of Leicester says new technique can reduce the need for animal testing in biomedical research.

11 Oct 16
'High-res' headlamps offer full beam with no glare

LED maker Osram develops chips with 1024 individually controllable light points in research project involving car maker Daimler.

05 Oct 16
Osram semiconductor laser bar breaks brilliance record

Ten percent increase of output power of pump modules for material processing applications.

05 Oct 16
Jena team sets ultrashort pulse power record

Laser technology set to feature at Extreme Light Infrastructure attosecond pulse facility in Hungary.

04 Oct 16
InSPECT develops spectral sensing for tissue diagnosis

European project is working on a light source and instrumental platforms for low-cost optical devices.

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