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18 Jun 13
Europe’s new X-ray laser reaches important milestone

European XFEL underground construction completed in Schenefeld, near Hamburg, Germany.

13 Jun 13
SiOnyx camera ‘aced’ US army tests

Sensor operates in very dark conditions; supports sharing of night-vision video.

13 Jun 13
'Promising' results with laser brain surgery for epilepsy

US Mayo Clinic clinic reports progress with minimally invasive, laser based approach.

11 Jun 13
Fashion alert: laser protective clothing set to hit stores

“Lab coats for lasers” have been developed under a European project entitled PROSYS.

04 Jun 13
ASML partners on €100 million lithography research center

Institute in Amsterdam will explore both fundamental and applied research.

29 May 13
University of Eastern Finland launches new Institute of Photonics

Institute is a network organization seeking to enhance UEF's research and education in photonics.

28 May 13
PV researchers develop 43.6 % four-junction solar cell

Result is under "concentrated sunlight", French-German team aiming for 50% efficiency by novel manufacturing technologies.

24 May 13
M Squared partners with Fraunhofer on gas emissions

Laser company collaborates with new Glasgow photonics hub on project co-funded by UK’s Technology Strategy Board.

22 May 13
Stanford physicists develop 'polariton' laser

New method of producing "coherent matter" beams promises laser that would use one hundredth the power of conventional lasers.

22 May 13
LASER 2013: 3D observation of high-speed manufacture

Fraunhofer IOF development projects 400 images/s and creates 40 3D images/s.

21 May 13
DVD optics for on-the-spot HIV testing

Using a DVD drive as a laser scanning microscope could make blood analysis faster and cheaper.

13 May 13
Camera sees through arthropod-inspired eye

Optical system based on the design of compound eyes allows wide field of view and infinite depth of field.

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