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Headline: Contents: October 2007 edition

05 Oct 2007

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Global thinking tackles the skills shortage in the photonics industry

Overcoming the skills shortage in the photonics industry pushes companies to recruit internationally. Per Stenius, CEO of Liekki Corporation, describes how a smaller high-tech firm approaches this challenge.


Organic semiconductors aid quest for silicon laser

Overcoming silicon's intrinsically poor light emission is a crucial problem that many research groups are tackling. Graham Turnbull and Ifor Samuel describe how their simple hybrid silicon-polymer laser could pave the way towards optical chip-to-chip interconnects.


Industrial markets beckon for high-power diode lasers

Changes in the design and manufacture of laser diodes are seeding fundamental shifts in the way that we think about the cost and reliability of high brightness laser systems. Robert Martinsen of nLight Corporation tells OLE more.


Autofocus liquid lenses target new applications

Liquid-lens technologies designed to meet the insatiable demands of the mobile-phone industry are now being deployed in other imaging systems. Philippe Ruffin explains to OLE how Varioptic is adapting its products for an increasing number of uses.


Active learning inspires new interest in optics

UNESCO's Active Learning in Optics and Photonics project is making the final preparations for its latest workshop to stimulate interest in optics in developing countries. Marie Freebody speaks to Minella Alarcon, programme specialist at UNESCO, to find out more.


Emission properties tailor SLEDs to many markets

Superluminescent diodes combine the advantages of LEDs and laser diodes in a single compact package. Christian VĂ©lez and Chris Armistead detail the factors to consider when purchasing SLEDs and the applications that are already putting the source to good use.

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