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Contents: April 2008 edition

04 Apr 2008

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OPTICAL THIN FILMS Novel thin films target device applications
A new class of optical thin-film materials enables the refractive index to be tuned to extremely low values. E Fred Schubert and colleagues believe that this capability could have important applications in real-world devices, including solar cells and LEDs.

BACK CHAT Collaborative R&D programmes establish European dominance
Funding from the European Commission and UK Technology Strategy Board is helping to bring the industrial and scientific communities together through collaborative R&D projects. speaks to Fianium's R&D manager John Clowes about the effects that these initiatives have on SMEs within the photonics sector.


Femtosecond pulses combat counterfeiting
Product-related counterfeiting is a global problem that can have major social and economic consequences. Eric Mottay of Amplitude Systemes reviews current anti-counterfeiting technologies and the market opportunity for an ultrafast laser solution.


Compact sources produce bespoke wavelengths
Optically pumped semiconductor laser technology enables scaling of output power and wavelength throughout the visible and near-infrared regions of the spectrum. Matthias Schulze and Andrew Masters of Coherent look at the applications benefiting from these tailor-made wavelengths.


Optical clocks move towards miniaturization
Optical atomic clocks have the potential to measure time with unprecedented precision. Marie Freebody speaks to experts John Kitching and Leo Hollberg to find out more.


2D VCSEL arrays aim for pumping applications
Arrays of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers boast properties such as a narrow emission spectrum and a stable output wavelength. Jean-Francois Seurin and Chuni Ghosh of Princeton Optronics argue that the technology is cost-effective for many high-power and high-energy applications including end-pumping and laser rangefinding.


Choosing adaptive optics for precision applications
Knowing how to decide between the various options is a daunting task for anyone considering adaptive optics. Jérôme Ballesta and his colleagues from Imagine Optic take some of the mystery out of choosing adaptive optics products for precision applications.

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