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19 Jul 23
Raman scattering spots nanoplastic particles for environmental monitoring

TU Wien project could be important step for development of future sensors.

18 Jul 23
Fraunhofer ISE, Freiburg hit ‘record’ 15.8% efficiency for organic PV cell...

...while Fraunhofer IPMS and Applied Materials launch European Semiconductor Metrology Hub.

13 Jul 23
LZH researches method to make formable hybrid components

Two-laser processes for tailored forming project aiming to produce load-adapted solid parts.

12 Jul 23
3D-printed microlenses overcome PIC scaling challenges

KIT group shows that with multi-photon lithography, beams can be shaped to suit butt-coupled PICs.

11 Jul 23
Laval demonstrates ‘first’ femtosecond fiber laser operating in visible spectrum

Based on lanthanide-doped fluoride fiber, novel source emits at 635 nm, with pulse length of 168 femtoseconds.

06 Jul 23
Scantinel lidar chip offers 'unparalleled' level of integration

PIC platform with scanning laser touted as paving the way to the realization of autonomous driving.

04 Jul 23
Laser-based method could help discover new puncture-resistant materials

NIST using laser-launched projectiles plus data help predict target materials’ microscopic properties and behavior.

03 Jul 23
Harvard develops anti-reflection integrated optical isolator

Marko Lončar’s group at SEAS builds isolator in a lithium niobate-based optical chip.

29 Jun 23
LASER 2023: AI feedback predicts weld quality in real time

High-speed imaging and acoustic signals combine with neural networks to evaluate automated joining on the fly.

27 Jun 23
UCSC biosensor opens up new point-of-care applications

Detection of wider concentration ranges could help transition into clinical use.

27 Jun 23
LASER 2023: OCT and Raman combine for bladder cancer diagnosis

Early-stage trial of endoscopic probe shows good discrimination between tumors and normal tissue.

21 Jun 23
Germany team demonstrates single-photon erbium emitters

Max Planck and TU Munich researchers say development looks ideal for quantum-encrypted optical networking.

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