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14 Sep 22
Rice researchers’ formula identifies materials for virtual reality, 3D displays

By manipulating light at the nanoscale and breaking the so-called Moss Rule.

13 Sep 22
Diamond voltage imaging microscope offers new views of neural circuitry

University of Melbourne device could reveal details about neurodegenerative diseases.

13 Sep 22
Lensless camera offers route to improved 3D displays

UC Davis design using microlens array could be fitted into consumer devices.

12 Sep 22
KIT develops highly reflective mirrors produced by an inkjet printer

Mirrors with reflection efficiency of more than 99% can be printed in different sizes, Karlsruhe researchers say.

08 Sep 22
Lynred and Umicore develop sensor to cut road user fatalities

Funded by EU project HELIAUS, new capabilities in thermal sensing to boost performance of automotive applications.

07 Sep 22
University of Michigan designs photodetector inspired by photosynthesis

New device makes practical use of polaritons, pointing to a "goldmine of polariton applications."

05 Sep 22
Electroplating innovation for solar cells replaces silver with copper

Fraunhofer ISE development also uses recyclable aluminum for masking – removing need for problem polymers.

01 Sep 22
NIST adapts atom-based radio receiver to display live color TV

Development of laser-based display system funded by DARPA and NIST’s On Chip program.

01 Sep 22
Infrared light wirelessly transmits power to devices over 30m distant

Researchers in South Korea demonstrate laser charging system promising “safe cordless power for mobile devices”.

31 Aug 22
Mid-IR lab-on-a-chip allows rapid monitoring of reactions

TU Wien device combines emitter, sensor and detector on a single chip.

31 Aug 22
Fraunhofer ILT engineers develop high-speed laser welding system

With glass substrates and arc torch, “Collar” hybrid process unites metal shielding gas welding and laser material deposition.

30 Aug 22
Trumpf prepares VCSELs for space mission lift off in 2027

As part of Germany's Qyro project; first satellite controlled by quantum sensing technology.

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