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21 Nov 17
Greatcell wins €700,000 Horizon 2020 grant for PV

Italian subsidiary of Australian former Dyesol company is partnered with CEA, EPFL University of Rome and Fraunhofer.

14 Nov 17
Modified optogenetic process controls single neurons

Focused laser beam on individual cells could map key brain activities that drive behavior.

07 Nov 17
Lockheed to adapt fiber laser weapon for fighter jet

$26.3M development project focused around three subsystems including high-energy laser capable of disabling enemy targets.

02 Nov 17
Optical fiber-illuminated pajamas treat jaundiced newborns

"Satin weave" onesie frees babies from incubators, while delivering blue light photo-therapy more safely, says EMPA.

31 Oct 17
Laser pulse shrinks to 43 attoseconds

ETH Zurich team hits new record-breaking mark, beating previous best of 53 attoseconds set at University of Central Florida.

30 Oct 17
Silicon photonics spectrometer senses methane gas

IBM researchers say absorption spectroscopy platform can be extended into 'fingerprint' mid-infrared spectrum.

26 Oct 17
Novel optical receiver design significantly boosts broadband speed

UNLOC project receiver is simpler and cheaper, requiring just a quarter of the detectors used in conventional devices.

25 Oct 17
Lasertel wins $1 million contract to make laser diodes for US military

As part of DARPA’s EUCLID Program, US company will develop lightweight diode pumps for fiber lasers.

25 Oct 17
US National Photonics Initiative urges quantum investment

Testimony to House of Representatives committee includes petition for $500M in new public funding.

23 Oct 17
QCL key to Harvard SEAS bridging the ‘terahertz gap’

Optical frequency comb in a quantum cascade laser offers novel way to generate “elusive” terahertz frequencies.

18 Oct 17
Quantum Technologies Flagship prepares for the coming quantum revolution

EC initiative announces research agenda designed to ensure European competitiveness.

17 Oct 17
Sumitomo achieves 10 petabit/s over multicore, multimode fiber

Company says record-breaking result will contribute towards technology to support post-5G mobile communications.

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