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23 Nov 22
ICFO and TinyBrains platform set to assist pediatric care

Near-IR and diffuse spectroscopy can monitor oxygenation and cerebral blood flow.

23 Nov 22
FAU optimizes performance and stability of organic solar cells

Altering molecular chain length achieves a predicted lifetime exceeding 16 years.

17 Nov 22
Purdue discovers new waves with picometer-scale spatial variation

“Picophotonics waves” can propagate in semiconductors such as silicon.

16 Nov 22
Toronto-led group develops all-perovskite tandem solar cell with maximum efficiency

Prototype 1cm cell yields record 2.19 eV; efficiency of 27.4% is new record for single-junction silicon cell.

15 Nov 22
ETH Zurich claims ‘dual boost’ for optical delay scanning

Ursula Keller’s group develops dual-comb laser with wide scanning range and high power.

10 Nov 22
UK DSTL defense lab trials laser weapon at Porton Down

“Scalable” 50kW source results from £100 million investment; capability tested to range of 3.4km.

09 Nov 22
Tokyo's new blue quantum dots promise more energy-efficient displays

“Bottom up, self-organizing chemistry” process has been developed by the lab of Professor Eiichi Nakamura.

09 Nov 22
Light powers motion and fluorescence in dual-function molecular motors

University of Groningen project combines two key functions in the same structure.

09 Nov 22
Quantum microscopy prototype points to novel sensing and imaging

Australian project uses laser illumination of defect centers to reveal structure and properties.

03 Nov 22
Holographic microscopy reveals the lives of microplankton

University of Gothenburg technique combines microscopy with deep-learning.

02 Nov 22
‘Transscleral’ device spots eye disorders before symptoms show

EPFL-developed retinal camera uses oblique beams coupled with adaptive optics to correct distortion.

27 Oct 22
Heriot-Watt researchers discover simpler way to create frequency comb

Potential applications in astronomy, quantum systems, and multiphoton microscopes.

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