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25 May 22
New source creates different images depending on light and environment

Metasurface-based technology developed at St. Andrews could be used to optically encrypt information.

24 May 22
NREL photocell extracts light power from heat at 40% efficiency

Novel thermophotovoltaic cell beats previous record of 32% promising better thermal energy storage applications.

17 May 22
Fraunhofer Liftoscope sorts cells for cultivation

Platform combining microscopy and laser detachment of cells is among new tools for researchers.

17 May 22
Salience Labs raises $11.5 million for photonics-based processor

Ultra high-speed chips combining photonics and electronics will accelerate AI advances.

12 May 22
Femtosecond logic gate offers ultrafast computing

Rochester and Erlangen team uses lasers to control real and virtual charge.

11 May 22
IQE to develop epiwafers for Porotech’s multicolor micro-LEDs

Compound semiconductor foundry is also commercializing new, larger wafers to boost VCSEL production.

10 May 22
University of Ottawa creates flat magic window

New way to conjure an image from flat optical surface could lead to novel displays.

10 May 22
CEA LETI develops lensless low-cost microbial identification device

For bedside biomedical analyses applications in low-tech environments; copes well with challenging climates.

05 May 22
Imec high-NA EUV prototype ‘well on track’

The patterning ecosystem around imec and ASML's lithography system is taking shape.

04 May 22
Laser-based ultrasound reveals defects in 3D printing

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory method offers rapid quality control.

04 May 22
Oklahoma develops optimal testing of perovskite cells for space...

...while EPFL team finds way to overcome longstanding problem of scaling up perovskite solar cells.

27 Apr 22
LASER 2022: SemiNex unveils high-gain optical amplifiers for lidar

US developer of laser diodes says its latest devices enable long-range FMCW lidar with coherent detection.

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