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21 Jan 19
Sofradir and ULIS to invest €150M in French Nano 2022 program

Five-year investment to develop next-generation infrared detectors; part of EU initiative to strengthen microelectronics.

17 Jan 19
Eindhoven team develops hybrid data storage with optical and magnetic drives

Next-generation photonic memory devices are ‘light-written’, ultrafast and energy efficient,

16 Jan 19
Brillouin light scattering reveals mechanical properties of tumors

CNRS project could help to link tumors' elasticity with the response to anticancer therapy.

16 Jan 19
Two-color approach speeds-up 3D printing by factor of 100

Resin solidified using two wavelengths to control process; resulting products are more durable, say Michigan developers.

10 Jan 19
LZH-developed LIBS system on the way to the Pacific Ocean

Europe-wide partnership develops laser-based, autonomous measuring system for mineral exploration at up to 6000m depth.

08 Jan 19
Open-source microscope targets brain imaging and disease diagnosis

Israel team’s multiphoton PySight tool tracks brain activity in live animals and may even ‘crack’ the neuronal code.

27 Dec 18
Optical memory cell achieves ‘record’ data storage density

New device could enable computers that use optics and electrical signals to interact with data.

20 Dec 18
Novel low-energy nanolaser shines in all directions

Dutch research group says the key to omnidirectional emission is the introduction of irregularities in its lasing materials.

19 Dec 18
Luminar collaborating with Audi's autonomous driving subsidiary (AID)

AID is center of excellence for development of urban autonomous driving technologies across the Volkswagen Group.

19 Dec 18
Portable optical system uses AI to better detect parasites

UCLA-developed system uses just 3 ml of bodily fluid, analyzed within 20 min, to detect of parasitic infections faster, more accurately.

18 Dec 18
Netherlands to invest €236 m in photonics development

PhotonDelta initiative involves government, regions, firms and research centers across the country.

13 Dec 18
Alta sets flexible solar record with 29.1% GaAs cell

Single-junction device based on technology being tested by NASA for use in future missions demanding low-mass power.

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