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07 Jan 20
Infrared radiation from excited molecules reveals tissue composition

Laboratory for Attosecond Physics technique improves sensitivity over existing IR methods.

06 Jan 20
UCSD creates flexible photonic crystal from liquid thin-film metasurface

Development promises all-optical transistors that consume little power and which could enable more powerful computers.

03 Jan 20
VTT develops tool based on AR and AI to support space repairs

European Space Agency has been testing the astronaut assistance tool as part of its training and operations system.

01 Jan 20
Researchers produce first laser ultrasound images of humans

Technique may help remotely image and assess health of infants, burn victims, and accident survivors in hard-to-reach places.

31 Dec 19
NIST: Counting photons now routine enough to need standards

So the Institute is developing standards to evaluate and compare Single Photon Detectors to benchmarks.

30 Dec 19
NUS Singapore develops large-area, flexible NIR LEDs

Each covers an area of 900 mm2 using low-cost methods and several orders of magnitude larger than usually possible.

24 Dec 19
On-chip light source produces range of wavelengths

Silicon-based device “like a nanoscale optical parametric oscillator” could enable variety of photonic applications.

17 Dec 19
LZH develops laser to search for water on the Moon

LUVMI-X project developing laser to find water / other volatiles in polar regions.

17 Dec 19
‘Ghost imaging’ speeds up super-resolution microscopy

New nanoscopy approach to capture biological processes occurring inside cells at sub-ms speeds.

16 Dec 19
Photonic pH sensor could advance studies of tissue regeneration

Developer NIST says design could be used to indicate calcium, cell growth factor and some antibodies.

11 Dec 19
Ultra-mini microendoscope produces higher-quality images

Johns Hopkins lensless scope is just a few hundred nanometers across yet can capture images of live neuron activity.

09 Dec 19
VTT produces optical fiber made from cellulose

Optical cellulose fiber could enable detecting changes in moisture level of buildings.

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