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26 May 20
US Navy warship fires laser weapon, downs drone off Pearl Harbor

USS Portland proves solid state laser DEW weapon system demonstrator in successful first at-sea test.

26 May 20
Soliton laser points towards simpler eye surgery

University of Sydney project could lead to innovations in nonlinear optics and its applications.

20 May 20
ITMO develops 'chemically-synthesized' optical switch

Scientists at ITMO, St Petersburg, say the switch, based on a metal-organic framework, could support ultrafast memories.

20 May 20
Bridgelux proposes new metric for naturalness of light

Average Spectral Difference intended to quantify how closely its sources match natural daylight.

19 May 20
Raman spectroscopy observes bacteria growth in real-time

University of St Andrews project could be used to monitor effects of environment on TB.

18 May 20
Fiber optic network monitors hard-to-read glacier movements

Prof Fabian Walter of ETHZ says fibers are easier to install and offer more measurement points than seismometers.

15 May 20
Hollow-core fiber polarisation purity boost for next-gen instruments

ORC Zepler Institute development exhibits 1000x quality improvement over “state-of-the-art” solid core fibers.

13 May 20
Two‐photon patterning guides cells in the right direction

ETH Zurich uses light to create precisely positioned patterns of molecules.

12 May 20
ICESat-2 laser scan reveals extent of polar ice loss

NASA compares new data with that measured by original ICESat mission 16 years before.

12 May 20
Heartbeat elastography allows assessment of cornea condition

University of Houston uses heartbeat-induced changes in intraocular pressure to measure corneal properties.

06 May 20
Optical test could ensure perfect avocado ripeness

Laser Doppler vibrometry assessment method developed at Cranfield University could cut wastage by 10%.

05 May 20
LED replaces laser to 'revolutionize' 3D metal printing

TU Graz, Austria, says its specialist fabrication development replaces laser or electron beam with LEDs as power source.

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