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16 Dec 19
Photonic pH sensor could advance studies of tissue regeneration

Developer NIST says design could be used to indicate calcium, cell growth factor and some antibodies.

11 Dec 19
Ultra-mini microendoscope produces higher-quality images

Johns Hopkins lensless scope is just a few hundred nanometers across yet can capture images of live neuron activity.

09 Dec 19
VTT produces optical fiber made from cellulose

Optical cellulose fiber could enable detecting changes in moisture level of buildings.

05 Dec 19
UbiQD wins NASA follow-up for hydroponics in space

Los Alamos spin-out tailoring solar spectrum with quantum dots to grow crops in orbit.

05 Dec 19
Laser implosion milestone closes the gap on fusion developments

University of Rochester led group says its latest laser-plasma achievement addresses significant gap in fusion research.

04 Dec 19
Electro-optical device provides solution to faster computing

Developed by Advanced Nanoscale Engineering research group at the University of Oxford.

03 Dec 19
Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy examines tumors after treatment

Netherlands Cancer Institute study suggests neoadjuvant chemotherapy does not interfere with spectral imaging.

03 Dec 19
Quantum dot lasers move a step closer with electric-pumping

NTU Singapore develops way to make Colloidal Q-Dots produce laser light with an electric field.

02 Dec 19
German research group hints at entire 3D printed laser systems

LZH and partners report on GROTESK projects – the future of optical manufacturing – including automated 3D-printed laser manufacturing.

29 Nov 19
Space laser scans reveal massive migration of ocean wildlife

Based on findings from “CALIPSO” lidar and IR earth observation joint venture by NASA and French Space Agency.

28 Nov 19
pinMOS memory can be written and read optically or electrically

Researchers in Dresden have developed a new storage tech based on an organic light-emitting diode and an insulator.

28 Nov 19
Horizon2020-supported HIOS sensor project completed

First light sensor with optical stack, multiple filters, lenses; aperture replaces separate components.

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