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20 Jun 18
Laser-based process monitors quality and temperature of molten steel

University of Swansea wins UK prize for technology that could save steel plants millions of pounds.

19 Jun 18
Major step in large-scale production of photonics chips

Assembly machine from Fraunhofer Project Center to enable mass-production at University of Twente, Netherlands.

13 Jun 18
MIT/Technion team develops novel light-matter interaction

Reducing wavelength of light could allow it to be selectively absorbed/emitted by semiconductor, promising better solar cells, tunable emitters.

13 Jun 18
Frequency comb technique promises versatile gas sensor

University of Adelaide device could be used in health care, environmental monitoring and control of contamination.

11 Jun 18
Silicon Brillouin laser uses soundwaves to amplify light

Yale uses light-sound interactions to create strongest amplification mechanism in silicon - promising new types of lasers.

11 Jun 18
Lead-free, more efficient perovskite for solar cells proposed

KAIST (Korea) proposes caesium-gold-iodine variant to overcome stability and toxicity problems of earlier perovskite structures.

06 Jun 18
Ultrafast camera to aid targeted chemotherapy

Wide-band, high-resolution, 100 million frames-per-second imager under development for UK’s new Rosalind Franklin Institute.

05 Jun 18
Quantum cascade lasers assist rapid cancer diagnosis

Ruhr-University Bochum platform based on QCL source allows label-free classification of cancer tissues.

31 May 18
Waterspy prototype detects deadly waterborne bacteria

In a few years, this device will be bought by water distribution companies, water authorities and related bodies.

29 May 18
New light-coupling technique assists biosensor cost and performance

China project injects incident light into silicon disks through directly connected waveguides.

22 May 18
SERS allows direct optical reading of single-molecule DNA bases

Imec's surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy process could also be used in chemical and biological sensing.

15 May 18
ICFO solves photoexcited graphene ‘puzzle’

Barcelona-based group says understanding mechanism will boost graphene-based light detectors.

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