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21 Feb 24
UPenn develops optical chip to process complex math for AI

Offers potential to accelerate processing speed, while cutting energy need.

20 Feb 24
Trinity College Dublin lights up cellular activity

Fluorescence lifetime imaging with new dye visualises multiple biological environments.

19 Feb 24
Organic solar cells ‘redefined’ with hemispherical shell design

Researchers in Turkey say novel shape improves energy efficiency and angular coverage.

15 Feb 24
Compact photoacoustic sensing instrument characterizes breast tissue

Indian Institute of Tech Indore develops PA sensing instrument for biomedical tissue diagnosis.

15 Feb 24
LMU Munich develops microscopy method that beats resolution limit

“MINFLUX” super-resolution microscopy can track molecules with localization at 1nm precision.

14 Feb 24
Empa and ETH Zurich make perovskite quantum dots into brighter emitters

Tailor-made phospholipids form protective layer around the dots to improve performance.

14 Feb 24
3D printing and material processing combined to create artificial bone

Yokohama University develops 3D cell culture for bone grafts or artificial marrow.

13 Feb 24
Fraunhofer ILT develops crystal processing adapted optical system with 20 kW laser

High-purity semiconductor crystals needed for applications in electric cars, and photovoltaics.

07 Feb 24
University of Nottingham endoscope sees gastrointestinal cancers

Minaturized probe uses spatial frequency domain imaging to spot malignancy.

06 Feb 24
Rochester scientists create laser-based ‘spark plug’ for fusion reactions

Group at Lab for Laser Energetics’ Omega Laser promises fusion at larger scale.

31 Jan 24
Quantum-entangled source boosts mid-infrared spectroscopy

Kyoto University broadband emitter could lead to more sensitive and compact devices.

30 Jan 24
EPFL forms photoconductive circuits directly onto glass

Femtosecond laser writing could create energy harvesting devices more easily and cheaply.

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