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12 Mar 19
Oxford Instruments, partners launch EU Horizon 2020 project ULISSES

Four-year H2020 effort to develop silicon photonics-based air sensors “for everyone, everywhere”.

28 Feb 19
German R&D group launches Digital Innovation Hub Photonics in Jena

Push by Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics, Friedrich Schiller University and Thuringia state designed to support young photonics entrepreneurs.

27 Feb 19
Southampton's Zepler shares in £100m UK funding to develop AI

Planning new Centre for Doctoral Training in Machine Intelligence for Nano-electronic Devices & Systems – or “MINDS”.

25 Feb 19
Polariton filter coverts laser beam into quantum light

Significant development led by Macquarie, Australia, could improve applications in quantum communication and optical quantum data processing.

22 Feb 19
CNRS-developed AntBot is first robot to travel without GPS

Navigates by "celestial compass" sensitive to polarized light from sky; promises new control strategies for autonomous vehicles.

21 Feb 19
Next-gen 'meta-optics' created rapidly at room temperature

Scientists from EPFL have developed a simple way to produce metasurfaces in just a few minutes at low temperatures.

21 Feb 19
Stable perovskite films promise improved LED efficiency

City University of Hong Kong fabrication method boosts performance and operational lifetime.

20 Feb 19
Reverse wiring of LEDs helps chips feel the chill

University of Michigan discovery could be used for temperature control in future computers.

19 Feb 19
Light therapy offers pain relief after cancer treatment

University at Buffalo will investigate alternatives to prescription opioids for oral ulcers and swelling.

13 Feb 19
Near-infrared light kills cancer, builds immune response

This NIR photo immune therapy is to be licensed to Rakuten Aspyrian Therapeutics, in San Mateo, California.

13 Feb 19
Wavelength control in quantum dot lasers could assist sensing and communication

University of Utah project couples pairs of microdisk lasers for consistent single-wavelength output.

12 Feb 19
TERIPHIC sees path to terabit datacom applications

EU project intends to develop terabit optical transceivers through photonic integration.

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