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18 Oct 22
Delayed fluorescence helps guide cancer removal

Imaging of hypoxia signals in near-infared can identify affected tissue.

12 Oct 22
Ultrasound-induced transparency gives clearer view of tissues

Creation of gas bubbles lets laser scanning microscopy look deeper into tissues.

11 Oct 22
Superconducting optical system to scale up ‘brain-Inspired’ computing

NIST-developed networks have tiny light sources at each neuron to broadcast to connections.

11 Oct 22
Quantum light with ‘defined photon number’ behaves differently to standard laser beams

Discovery by Tampere University Quantum Optics Group promises more sensitive distance measurements and more.

10 Oct 22
Fluorescence imaging offers more effective tumor removal

Washington University in St. Louis dual wavelength approach gives quantitative details of tumor depth.

06 Oct 22
Solar energy harvesting system offers potential to generate power ‘24/7’

University of Houston discovery claimed to break solar harvesting efficiency record.

06 Oct 22
Jena-based group develops novel heart valves and pumps

Fraunhofer IOF, startup NovaPump, and Jena University Hospital’s “pump cage” is cut out of a thin metal tube by laser.

05 Oct 22
Beam shaper fabricated on optical fiber offers new route to tailored light

Soreq Nuclear Research Center uses 3D laser printing to create tiny optical device.

30 Sep 22
Laser crystallization process cuts wires and soldering in MEMS

Focus of new development project at Fraunhofers ILT (lasers), IST (thin films), and ISIT (silicon).

29 Sep 22
EPFL and CSEM open advanced manufacturing center in Switzerland

“M2C” intends to address micro-technological challenges faced by industry, including laser 3D printing.

29 Sep 22
Observing catalytic reactions with 3 different microscopies simultaneously

TU Vienna and FHI Berlin say new information is obtained – that none of the methods alone could reveal.

28 Sep 22
First light at University of Michigan’s ‘Zeus’ laser

Zetawatt-Equivalent Ultrashort pulse laser System is most powerful in the US.

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