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13 Apr 22
EPFL develops new route to complex 3D optics

Glass-in-glass manufacturing operation could make components for spectroscopy and sensing.

05 Apr 22
Structured illumination assists imaging of mouse brain

SIMscope3D device reaches deeper to view cells and circuits.

05 Apr 22
Quantum memristor points to new neural networks

University of Vienna component based on single photons could link AI and quantum computing.

30 Mar 22
Stanford brings depth perception to standard digital cameras

Acoustic modulator coverts image sensor into time-of-flight imaging system.

30 Mar 22
AMOLF group makes opaque silicon PV cells to boost efficiency

Partnership with Surrey and Imperial says textured membranes absorb 65% of sunlight, close to maximum theoretical limit.

29 Mar 22
Microlaser emitting two circular beams developed

Polish-UK tunable laser has diverse applications in physics, chemistry, medicine and communications.

29 Mar 22
NIST studies use of UV for PPE disinfection

Data could help define standards for future pandemics.

28 Mar 22
LZH’s Spatial ALD system uniformly coats complex shaped optics

Deposition process achieves higher deposition rates than before, with apps in automotive, lighting, and AR-VR sectors.

23 Mar 22
Harvard SEAS metasurface improves tomographic image quality

New method acts as add-on to OCT and other platforms to counteract effects of diffraction.

17 Mar 22
Soochow University flat lens improves light field displays

Nanostructured lens extends depth of focus for higher quality 3D images.

16 Mar 22
Q.ANT-led quantum optics consortium wins €50 million research funding...

...and europium is key to novel optical quantum processing approach by European group.

15 Mar 22
LLNL constructing high-power laser for new facility at SLAC

Advanced Photon Technologies program will develop powerful petawatt laser systems.

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