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06 Apr 16
Graphene shows promise for next-generation optical communications

Integrated photonics systems based on graphene and silicon photonics could improve network performance while cutting costs.

05 Apr 16
Terahertz system 'built from standard components'

Team from Heinrich Hertz Institut in Germany to present laser-based terahertz system at Hannover Messe later this month.

31 Mar 16
Swedish researchers develop ‘transparent wood’ for solar cells

Project at Royal Institute of Technology cuts lignin, nano-engineers transparency for new PV and architectural materials.

30 Mar 16
UK backs light-based manufacturing projects

£2.7M from EPSRC to support four studies including pulsed laser deposition to make laser crystals.

29 Mar 16
Photon recycling promises more perovskite efficiency gains

Finding published in Science suggests simple way to generate 'huge gains' in energy efficiency.

29 Mar 16
OFC 2016: Novel multi-core fiber enables ultra-long transmission

Sumitomo Electric sets “new records of low attenuation in low spatial mode dispersion transmission”.

29 Mar 16
Rubicon makes 'largest-ever' sapphire windows

Unpolished optics developed under US Air Force contract said to measure 30 inches long.

22 Mar 16
Single photon generation 'will boost cyber security'

Researchers at University of Sydney's Nanoscience Hub say this will help develop more secure communications systems.

21 Mar 16
Optical pump boosts lung MRI

Laser-based technique under development at the University of Nottingham promises new way to image inside lungs.

17 Mar 16
Optogenetics helps recovery of 'lost memories' in mice

RIKEN-MIT shows how lightswitch can restore memories lost to Alzheimer's-type diseased brains.

16 Mar 16
Reliable laser on silicon shows photonic integration potential

1300 nm emitting device could be the key to silicon photonics, say University College London researchers.

10 Mar 16
UK develops 'Hyperion' laser-based aircraft tracking system

EPSRC-funded UK partnership development, which could aid disaster relief efforts, starts field tests.

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