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10 May 16
Solliance hits record 10% efficiency with perovskite PV module

International team says results show significant "up-scalability" of their new thin film technology.

04 May 16
Laser-powered nano-engine promises robotic applications

Cambridge researchers say their ANTs (actuating nano-transducers) could one day treat living cells.

27 Apr 16
European Research Council splashes €4m on photonics projects

Two grants have been awarded to biological imaging and laser material research projects in Germany.

27 Apr 16
Laser scanner spots metal-rich minerals from underwater vehicle

Developed by four-year ROBUST project, the LZH system uses LIBS, like ExoMars probe.

26 Apr 16
Sydney nanoscience center opens with strong focus on photonics

Leading lights in photonics research attend official opening of the Australian Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology.

22 Apr 16
Researchers developing programmable optical chips

Partnership between Southampton and Bordeaux achieve control of integrated optical circuits with patterns of light.

22 Apr 16
SPIE DCS 2016: DARPA evokes The Matrix with brain implant project

Thought zero-power brain implants were a Hollywood fantasy? Not if DARPA succeeds in research now under way.

20 Apr 16
BRIDLE project reports positive diode lasers progress

As 3-year project concludes, European partners detail their achievements in performance improvements and efficiency.

19 Apr 16
EU grants €2.5 million for terahertz probe into protein reactions

Team led by Bochum's Martina Havenith develops new method to measure real time heat and energy changes at protein-solvent interface.

18 Apr 16
SPIE DCS 2016: optical chip tracks mutating 'flu virus

Pattern-recognition technique does not rely on fluorescent labeling and works with tiny sample volumes.

07 Apr 16
Optical technique promises faster, cheaper carbon dating

Researchers in Italy develop compact spectroscopy tool claimed to be ten times cheaper than radio-carbon dating.

06 Apr 16
KVH developing low-cost fiber-optic gyro for driverless cars

Rhode Island sensor firm also releases developer kit to support integration and testing activity.

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