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11 Oct 16
'High-res' headlamps offer full beam with no glare

LED maker Osram develops chips with 1024 individually controllable light points in research project involving car maker Daimler.

05 Oct 16
Osram semiconductor laser bar breaks brilliance record

Ten percent increase of output power of pump modules for material processing applications.

05 Oct 16
Jena team sets ultrashort pulse power record

Laser technology set to feature at Extreme Light Infrastructure attosecond pulse facility in Hungary.

04 Oct 16
InSPECT develops spectral sensing for tissue diagnosis

European project is working on a light source and instrumental platforms for low-cost optical devices.

30 Sep 16
Attosecond laser lab under construction in Sweden

László Veisz and colleagues move cutting-edge system from Max Planck Institute in Garching to Umeå University.

27 Sep 16
CIGS/perovskite tandem module reaches 17.8%

European research team believes that devices based on the two thin-film materials could operate at 25% efficiency with further refinements.

26 Sep 16
US-Israeli team claims live cell imaging breakthrough

Researchers at Bar-Ilan University and UCLA combine computational imaging algorithm with super-resolution microscopy.

26 Sep 16
Leica and Huawei set up optical systems lab

‘Max Berek Innovation’ research center will work on new optical systems, computational imaging, virtual reality and augmented reality.

23 Sep 16
Rockley Photonics’ Rickman reveals plan for faster data centers

“Scaling cloud data centers with packet switching” keynote at Southampton Hub’s industry day throws light on next-gen switching.

21 Sep 16
UV lidar satellite Aeolus finally nearing readiness

After a decade battling problems with high-power lasers and UV coatings, the wind monitoring mission should finally launch in November 2017.

15 Sep 16
Optics-based research lets astronomers classify galaxies by properties

UWA, Australia, uses Integral Field Spectroscopy to quantify how gas and stars move, "reinterpreting Hubble sequence".

13 Sep 16
Rochester Precision Optics lands chalcogenide development grant

Novel glass components aimed at mid-infrared applications, and quantum cascade lasers in particular.

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