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30 Jun 16
Planar lens shows color and chirality of living structures

Harvard project designs a lens able to form two images of opposite helicity from the same subject.

29 Jun 16
Plasma filaments allow long-range detection and ranging

MIT project using mid-IR lasers could enable remote sensing with high sensitivity.

22 Jun 16
‘Lab in a plasma bubble’ could improve cancer care

£4.5m Strathclyde-led project will offer benefits ranging from academic research to medicine and industry.

22 Jun 16
'PeroBOOST' planning lead-free perovskite solar cells

European consortium to develop basis for “greener, more innovative and efficient solar cells” over next three years.

22 Jun 16
Mirror improves STED resolution

Interference of local electromagnetic field delivers six-fold improvement in axial resolution with no increase in laser power.

21 Jun 16
Quantum dot photodetector features graphene

Hybrid device under development at ICFO could offer low-cost, high-efficiency operation.

21 Jun 16
Super-res imaging adapted to show DNA base orientation

Stanford team including Nobel laureate William Moerner modulates laser polarization to probe structure of individual DNA strands.

21 Jun 16
Adva joins group ‘revolutionizing’ data center technology

DIMENSION project forms complete value chain for integrated optical circuits with active photonics.

16 Jun 16
ORC wins €2.75m ERC award for ‘LightPipe’ project

Research into hollow core optical fiber to enable more data, higher power and lower losses.

16 Jun 16
VTT develops optical method to diagnose Helicobacter from breath

Finnish research center says pain-free stomach bug isotope analysis has other medical applications.

16 Jun 16
Graphene electrode boosts bendy OLED efficiency

Korean team says 'unprecedented' efficiency with flexible format could present genuine alternative to indium tin oxide.

13 Jun 16
Horizon 2020 project aims to transform optical coherence tomography

Combination of silicon photonics and III-V laser source in coin-sized system could even end up on supermarket shelves, suggests principal investigator.

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