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29 Mar 16
Rubicon makes 'largest-ever' sapphire windows

Unpolished optics developed under US Air Force contract said to measure 30 inches long.

22 Mar 16
Single photon generation 'will boost cyber security'

Researchers at University of Sydney's Nanoscience Hub say this will help develop more secure communications systems.

21 Mar 16
Optical pump boosts lung MRI

Laser-based technique under development at the University of Nottingham promises new way to image inside lungs.

17 Mar 16
Optogenetics helps recovery of 'lost memories' in mice

RIKEN-MIT shows how lightswitch can restore memories lost to Alzheimer's-type diseased brains.

16 Mar 16
Reliable laser on silicon shows photonic integration potential

1300 nm emitting device could be the key to silicon photonics, say University College London researchers.

10 Mar 16
UK develops 'Hyperion' laser-based aircraft tracking system

EPSRC-funded UK partnership development, which could aid disaster relief efforts, starts field tests.

09 Mar 16
High-profile backing for 'non-toxic' photodetectors

Silicon photonics specialist Kevin Homewood wins Royal Society innovation prize for mercury-free mid-infrared devices.

08 Mar 16
SLM adapted to work with soft alloys and materials

Fraunhofer ILT says technique for welding Mg and Cu alloys promises new bio-implants and industrial benefits.

03 Mar 16
European pilot lines get ready for action

Three newly launched projects funded through the Photonics21 public-private partnership begin looking for collaborators.

02 Mar 16
LGS Innovations completes lidar development with DARPA

Breakthrough will improve DoD LIDAR systems’ ability to detect and identify objects of interest.

01 Mar 16
Retro signal treatment boosts modern optical networks

UK's "UNLOC" researchers use Optical Phase Conjugation to extend reach of high-rate transmissions.

01 Mar 16
Photonics system aims to reveal antibiotic allergies

PUV, Valencia, leads European "Cobiophad" project to develop cheap device to detect drug allergies.

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