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08 Jun 16
‘Bionic’ leaf converts light to fuel better than plants

New photovoltaic and biochemical hybrid surpasses the natural efficiency of photosynthesis.

08 Jun 16
Scientists develop 'cheap and flexible' micro-Raman spectrometer

At a cost of €10,000, and with greater capability than conventional systems, the economy Raman scope will empower biomedical researchers.

02 Jun 16
Tyndall leads TOP-HIT project on printing integrated devices

European research project examining micro-transfer printing to boost large-scale integration of diverse materials, devices.

01 Jun 16
Horiba hooks up with QuantIC on fluorescence imaging

Strathclyde's David Birch leading industry collaboration also involving the University of Edinburgh.

26 May 16
QCL-based system performs terahertz spectroscopy in seconds

MIT development based on chip-scale lasers and THz frequency comb could have applications in rapid detection of explosives.

25 May 16
Multiphoton microscopes to speed up disease diagnosis

£850,000 project yields two potential new inspection tools for diverse applications in medicine.

25 May 16
imec team builds hybrid perovskite/Si PV module

Partnership with Solliance consortium yields 20.2%-efficient stacked module and first semi-transparent devices.

25 May 16
Fraunhofers unite to reduce EUV wavelengths

Aachen and Jena centers generate 6.7nm output, in anticipation of producing "next-but-one generation" of microchips.

23 May 16
Dual ultrasound-laser scanner targets thyroid cancer

Hand-held probe expected to cut huge number and cost of unnecessary surgeries ‘dramatically’.

20 May 16
CSEM extends PV cleanroom and production lab

Swiss photovoltaics center working on cheaper high-performance silicon solar cells adds 1100 square meters of development space.

18 May 16
Huddersfield professor appointed to RAE/Renishaw Chair

Prof Xiangqian Jiang working on precise measurement tools for future factories and "Industry 4.0".

18 May 16
TeraView works with Cambridge to improve drug discovery

Terahertz specialist and university looking at body’s take-up of amorphous, low-solubility drugs.

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