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09 Feb 22
Riken laminates organic PVs onto curved surfaces

Heat-shrink method could expand the capabilities of shaped electronic devices.

09 Feb 22
US trio to develop photonic processor for autonomous vehicles

Lightmatter, Harvard and Boston University team collaborates on IARPA-funded research project.

08 Feb 22
Leica Microsystems ready to welcome researchers at EMBL Imaging Centre

Collaborative research in the state-of-the-art imaging centre, to be expanded in Heidelberg, Germany.

07 Feb 22
UK's DSTL researching materials to better protect optical sensors against laser attack

Trials conducted to assess novel protection filters on military system cameras against high-intensity lasers.

03 Feb 22
Optochemical FFP2 mask alerts wearer when CO2 safe limit is exceeded

University of Granada develops system based on novel gas sensor and signal processing electronics.

02 Feb 22
Satellite power to be revolutionized by ‘laser beaming’

University of Surrey and Space Power address challenge of powering satellites in low Earth orbit when in darkness.

02 Feb 22
Durham University microscope sees chiral interactions

Circularly polarized light and confocal platform reveal live-cell processes.

01 Feb 22
Harvard SEAS-led group develops novel terahertz laser

Source is suited to imaging, security, comms; group comprises SEAS, U.S. Army Research Lab, and Daylight Solutions.

20 Jan 22
Fraunhofer IAF group developing ‘scalable, diamond-based quantum microprocessors’

Three-year project “Deutsche Brilliance” launched with Quantum Brilliance startup and Ulm University.

19 Jan 22
Lumibird Canada and partners complete lidar rail safety prototype

OnTRAC is a rail industry-focused optical sensor system co-developed in Canada with Thales and partners.

19 Jan 22
Airguide Photonics announces £6M of research to improve optical fiber

Multimillion-pound program led by Zepler Institute / ORC, Southampton, for new projects into hollow core and fiber performs.

18 Jan 22
TU Vienna develops compact, higher power source for terahertz waves

Oscillator with double resonant-tunnelling diodes; performs significantly better than similar devices.

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