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24 Apr 18
MicroLink achieves 37.75% solar cell conversion efficiency

Based on triple junction ELO solar cell on 6inch GaAs substrate; NREL certified efficiency.

17 Apr 18
Active intraocular lens could offer real-time autofocus to patients

Swiss Advanced Vision aims to restore a more natural focusing function after ophthalmic surgery.

17 Apr 18
Pan-European team wins €5M to demo practical perovskite solar modules

Developers at EPFL, imec, Fraunhofer ISE and Saule Technologies collaborate on 'ambitious' tech transfer project.

12 Apr 18
Michigan engineers develop solar-powered imaging sensor

Simultaneous imaging and energy harvesting achieved in new design of "self-powering" CMOS image sensor pixels.

11 Apr 18
NIST team shrinks photonic chip for precision spectroscopy

Integrated fiber-optic spectrometer could be basis for ultra-compact quantum sensors based around atomic vapors.

11 Apr 18
Camera inspired by butterfly eye boosts image-led cancer surgery

University of Michigan UC develops "compact and affordable" camera to help surgeons visualize cancer cells under theater conditions.

05 Apr 18
Augmented reality-based body scan enables more accurate biopsies

University of Twente develops smartphone-based AR method for displaying internal features of patient body.

04 Apr 18
Japanese researchers develop high-speed, on-chip graphene blackbody emitters

Graphene-based emitters for optical comms offer advantages over conventional semiconductor sources.

04 Apr 18
Hybrid silicon solar cell hits 33.3% conversion efficiency

Fraunhofer team uses industrial wafer bonding kit to set new benchmark for a III-V/silicon multi-junction device.

03 Apr 18
£20M for UK's quantum prototypes

Support via new industrial strategy fund could support development up to five quantum-enabled devices.

29 Mar 18
Bench-top IR spectromicroscope quality rivals synchrotron

France-developed laser source for infrared chemical imaging is a promising tool for detailed early medical diagnosis.

28 Mar 18
Depth-sensing imaging system can peer through fog

Computational photography based on laser transmissions could solve a problem that has long limited potential of self-driving cars.

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