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10 Sep 21
Vector Photonics lands support for 1310 nm 'PCSEL' development

Work on low-power photonic crystal emitters for data center interconnects wins £600,000 from Innovate UK and seed funders.

09 Sep 21
Argonne-led group’s ‘pivotal’ nanomaterial promises better LEDs

US and Taiwan partners develop stable perovskite nanocrystals to extend LED lifetime.

08 Sep 21
Color-changing coating offers new responsive materials

TUE research into how liquid crystals respond to wavelength could be used in energy-saving smart windows.

07 Sep 21
Laser Doppler vibrometry brings more accurate microphone calibration

NIST technique improves over traditional non-optical methods.

06 Sep 21
LANL scientists developing electrically-pumped lasers from colloidal Q-dots

Team reports progress overcoming conceptual challenges promises new lasers for medicine, computing, and research.

02 Sep 21
Denmark’s DTU demonstrates tiny ‘Fano’ laser

Novel microscopic source “offers advantages over other lasers”, with applications in integrated photonics and optical sensors.

31 Aug 21
University of Bonn scientists make laser beams visible in a vacuum

High-precision method simplifies ultra-precise adjustment for quantum optics experiments.

31 Aug 21
University of South Australia wins A$1.8M grant to develop new ‘miniature’ lasers

For defense and manufacturing applications; Australia “on target” to bring laser technology up to speed.

31 Aug 21
Superconducting nanowire detector enhances view of blood flow

MGH improves sensitivity of diffuse correlation analysis with new sensor and longer wavelength.

25 Aug 21
Common solar technology can power devices indoors, says NIST

Converting ambient light indoors could power smoke alarms, IoT devices, and more, removing need for batteries, power supplies.

24 Aug 21
Jülich Research Center develops novel infrared detector for smart phones

Sensor from German-Italian group makes visible two key ranges of infrared not previously revealed by regular photodiodes.

18 Aug 21
Xanadu and imec partner to develop photonic chips for quantum computing

To fabricate ultra-low loss silicon nitride circuits for generating “error-corrected qubits”.

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