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01 Dec 21
Ultrashort-pulse lasers tackle drug-resistant bacteria

Washington University laser treatment kills bugs and minimizes collateral damage.

29 Nov 21
Novel photo method focuses white light onto 6nm spot

Researchers at University of California Riverside have developed a probe to compress lamplight into tiny spot for imaging microstructures.

25 Nov 21
Columbia develops visible light modulator that works without dimming

Based on micro-ring resonators to reduce the size and power demands of visible spectrum phase modulator.

25 Nov 21
Chip-scale microscope specified for high-throughput fluorescence imaging

imec receives ERC grant to develop novel fluorescence microscope-on-chip; and new EC-funded scope project targets “superbugs”.

25 Nov 21
Technion forms fluids into freeform optics

Shaping and solidifying liquid could allow rapid prototyping of novel components.

24 Nov 21
UCLA deep-learning reduces need for invasive biopsies

Virtual histology of skin allows rapid diagnosis of malignant disease.

23 Nov 21
Novel 2D perovskite compound promising for ultrathin solar cells

Rice University’s “benchmark” achievement boosts efficiency while retaining material’s ability to cope with harsh environments.

23 Nov 21
Sandia Lab uses fog chamber to optically test novel sensors

Aim of dedicated test facility is to ensure safe performance of future transportation systems.

22 Nov 21
Single imaging device switches between day and night vision functionality

Dayton researchers say sensor filter can reduce the number of cameras and sensors needed in smart phones, cameras, and cars.

18 Nov 21
Northwestern University camera sees around corners

Synthetic wavelength holography technique opens up new non-line-of-sight applications.

18 Nov 21
Harvard silicon coating counteracts light dispersion

Nanostructured surface compresses laser pulse in conventional optics.

15 Nov 21
3D printing assists growth of transplantable tissues

Fraunhofer ILT uses lasers to make customizable chambers within patient's body.

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