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29 Jun 21
Aberrations assist accurate 3D microscopy

NIST puts optical aberrations to good use as basis for calibration.

28 Jun 21
Quantum cascade lasers could drive private free-space communications

Télécom Paris, TU Darmstadt and UCLA demonstrate FSO networking with two uni-directionally coupled QCLs.

25 Jun 21
Israeli laser defense system shoots down drones in tests

Effective range of “more than 1km” claimed by developers Ministry of Defense and Elbit Systems.

23 Jun 21
Graphene sensor offers new route to imaging tissues

University of California, Berkeley develops sensor for faint electric fields around living cells.

21 Jun 21
Rochester's novel chirped pulses achieved with ‘economical’ lab set-up

Development promises: better high-capacity telecoms; improved potential to find exoplanets; and better atomic clocks.

17 Jun 21
Calibrated adaptive optics improves nanoscale imaging

University of Bordeaux models tissue behavior to improve subsequent AO performance.

16 Jun 21
Infrared-to-visible imaging breakthrough for human night vision

Australian National University-led team demonstrates visible-convertible infrared imaging via non-linear metasurfaces.

16 Jun 21
Single-particle research promises ‘new generation’ of displays

University of Tsukuba researchers have tested light-emission hypothesis at molecular level, with multiple optical applications.

15 Jun 21
Quantum correlation offers clearer view of cell structures

University of Queensland exploits quantum entanglement for uses in Raman microscopy and beyond.

14 Jun 21
Ottawa researchers develop ‘barrel-eliminating’ optical element

The “spaceplate” is a new approach to manipulating light that could lead to paper-thin cameras, telescopes, and smart phones.

14 Jun 21
Fraunhofer ISE and Netherlands AMOLF institute work on metamaterials applications

International “MEEt” project aiming to adapt novel materials for solar cells, LEDs, optical sensors, and production techniques.

10 Jun 21
Laser-based project to improve human lens refilling after cataract treament

LZH working within a new research project with Rowiak GmbH to advance refinement method.

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