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31 Jul 18
imec developing ultra-small on-chip microscopy platform

Grant from the ERC will support project combining CMOS imager technology and integrated photonics.

26 Jul 18
imec beats silicon PV with 27.1% perovskite-silicon tandem cell

Further engineering of the material will bring efficiencies over 30% in reach, say the researchers.

18 Jul 18
UCSD materials processing trick creates 'revolutionary' laser crystal

For ultra-short, high-power pulses — promises more powerful lasers with broad tunability.

18 Jul 18
Quantum dot white LEDs achieve 'record' efficiency

Researchers in Turkey say novel approach to white LEDs could lead to more energy-efficient lighting.

11 Jul 18
All-optical ultrasound generates video-rate images of tissues

UCL system shortens acquisition time to assist image-guided surgeries.

11 Jul 18
imec team shows path to ultra-compact transceivers

Hybrid integration of FinFET logic and silicon photonics modulator creates tiny, ultra-low-power devices for high-speed optical interconnects.

05 Jul 18
Fiber-optic telecoms cables detect earthquakes

German Research Center for Geosciences reports on how existing data cables can pick up seismic signals.

03 Jul 18
Metamaterial light mixer generates 11 wavelengths simultaneously

Sandia Lab's source mixes two laser pulses of NIR to produce range of eleven distinct outputs from NIR, through visible to UV.

28 Jun 18
‘Stealth sheet’ hides hot objects from infrared detectors

Hot bodies, whether human or military vehicles, are hidden by sheet that offers significant improvements over other masks.

27 Jun 18
MOICANA aims to integrate InP quantum dot lasers on silicon photonics

AUTH-led project to develop cheaper and more power-efficient innovations in photonic integrated transmitters.

27 Jun 18
LZH simulates undersea conditions to test laser machining

Pressure chamber recreates deep-sea environment allowing assessment of laser performance.

26 Jun 18
Oxford PV claims new record for perovskite solar cell

Leading perovskite developer says latest conversion efficiency beats best single-junction silicon cell’s rate.

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