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27 Apr 22
LASER 2022: SemiNex unveils high-gain optical amplifiers for lidar

US developer of laser diodes says its latest devices enable long-range FMCW lidar with coherent detection.

26 Apr 22
Light-driven microdrones steer complex paths

University of Würzburg devices could be used in transport, sensing or biotechnology.

21 Apr 22
MIT develops novel fabrication method for mirrors and wafers

NASA-funded photolithography technique could be ‘game-changer’ for optical applications, they say.

21 Apr 22
NIST researchers fabricate ‘record-setting’ lenses based on prehistoric eyes

Tiny metalenses that can focus on both near and far objects are based on compound eyes of trilobites.

20 Apr 22
NREL in research effort to assess radiation-tolerance of perovskites

Solar power in space: guidelines to relevant experiments published in Joule journal.

20 Apr 22
AIM Photonics widens immunity testing for Covid-19 variants

$5.3 million U.S. project to create flexible chip-based readers for global markets.

20 Apr 22
University of Freiburg scattering microscopy reveals cellular dynamics

Combined scatter and fluorescence signals image fast and small structures.

19 Apr 22
Enhanced perovskite solar cells raise conversion efficiency to 24%

Wuppertal-Cologne team says latest result has potential to transform the solar industry; efficiency could hit 30%.

14 Apr 22
CompoundTek creating silicon OCL-band tunable laser module

Wavelength-adjustable laser module under development with unnamed “stealth mode product company”.

13 Apr 22
EPFL develops new route to complex 3D optics

Glass-in-glass manufacturing operation could make components for spectroscopy and sensing.

05 Apr 22
Quantum memristor points to new neural networks

University of Vienna component based on single photons could link AI and quantum computing.

05 Apr 22
Structured illumination assists imaging of mouse brain

SIMscope3D device reaches deeper to view cells and circuits.

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