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28 Jul 22
US researchers work on improving image sensors for machine vision

Academic-commercial partnership highlights nano-components most likely to create impact in imaging.

27 Jul 22
NIST flow cytometry counts cells with certainty

Waveguides controlling emitted light play a part in increased measurement accuracy.

27 Jul 22
Columbia’s Covid-19 photonic test performs PCR faster than conventional systems

Photothermal process-based system co-developed with Rover Diagnostics, biotech start-up spun out of Columbia.

26 Jul 22
Shaping laser beams boosts OCT depth of focus

Stanford University employs needle-shaped beams to improve resolution and image quality.

25 Jul 22
German partnership to make 3D photonic parts by new laser methods

LAR3S project with two Fraunhofers and Max Planck to develop automated manufacturing methods.

20 Jul 22
SPIE Astro: NASA awards lift-off services contract for Roman Space Telescope to SpaceX...

...and U.S. Space Development Agency funding 28 satellites for hostile missile tracking.

19 Jul 22
Two-photon lidar boosts depth resolution

University of Glasgow adds quantum interferometry to lidar to see smaller features.

18 Jul 22
CO2 laser welding promises automated PIC production

Fraunhofer-led collaboration attaches optical fibers directly to photonic integrated circuits.

14 Jul 22
Optically driven white cells offer novel therapy and treatment

Jinan University uses scanning optical tweezers for remote control.

12 Jul 22
Improved STED microscopy points to new uses for technique

Zhejiang University suppresses background noise to enhance super-resolution image quality.

11 Jul 22
ICFO boosts performances of fiber-integrated quantum memories

Team demonstrates entanglement between quantum memory and telecoms-wavelength photons.

08 Jul 22
Australian team creates first ‘self-calibrated’ photonic-chip

Monash and RMIT-led group develops PICs as bridges for data superhighways, replacing bulky 3D optics.

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