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Trumpf introduces single-mode fiber laser

02 Jul 2007

The TruFiber 300 is a 300 W system suited for precision cutting and welding.

Trumpf has joined the ranks of fiber-laser suppliers by launching a 300 W system that features a modular design, with the supply unit separate from the laser module. Up to three laser modules can be connected to each supply unit, allowing a high-quality beam to be supplied to several workstations in a flexible and cost-effective manner.

"This approach is unique, and a big advantage compared to existing solutions where only one single-mode output is available," Kurt Mann of Trumpf explained to optics.org. "With the TruFiber 300 the supply and laser units can be separated by more than 20 meters, and there is almost no limitation to the delivery of single-mode beam quality over large distances to several workstations and optics."

Targeted at the welding and cutting of batteries, hard disk mountings, sensors, thin sheets and foils, the power and beam quality of the TruFiber 300 have been designed to suit these precision applications. "Having a diffraction-limited beam quality at an output power of less than 1 kW is more than sufficient for such uses," said Mann. "In addition the M2 value of 1.1 is comparable to, or even better than, the values of other fiber lasers."

The TruFiber 300 fiber laser joins Trumpf's established line of TruDisk disk lasers which deliver powers of up to 8 kW. Trumpf believes that the two product lines are complementary.

"We do not see industrial applications which demand single-mode beam quality at high powers," Mann explained. "The standardized beam quality of 2 mm rad from the TruDisk 1000 and 8 mm rad from the TruDisk 2002-8002 seems to be the best suited for most applications. Additionally the disk lasers do not have any problems with higher power densities in the laser or damage to the optical components," he said.

"The new TruFiber system satisfies a different group of applications, providing huge flexibility in installation and set-up, and delivering single-mode high-quality beams over large distances," Mann claimed.

• In a separate announcement, Trumpf and Jenoptik have set up a joint venture to develop, produce and sell optical engines for fiber-optic lasers. For more details see optics.org's coverage of the announcement at Laser 2007, Munich.

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