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Contents: July/August 2007 edition

27 Jul 2007

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BACK CHAT Copycat syndrome is becoming a growing problem within industry

The laws of the marketplace can sometimes lead companies to model themselves on their competitors. Gary Colquhoun of SPIE Europe explains why adopting this way of working does their customers no favours.


LEDs shine brighter, but cost concerns remain

As high-power LEDs start to deliver enough light output to challenge traditional sources, Susan Curtis finds that device manufacturers are working on strategies to make LEDs more cost-competitive with other lighting solutions.


Unique UV laser system nanostructures metals

Researchers in Germany are using a modified excimer discharge tube to produce ultrafast pulses with energies up to 50 mJ. Peter Simon and Juergen Kolenda describe how they are using these pulses to machine nanostructures directly into the surface of common metals.


Flexible SLM technology finds many applications

Could your application benefit from a spatial light modulator? Andreas Hermerschmidt of German SLM specialist Holoeye Photonics describes what options you will find on the market today, how these can be exploited in practice and what performance levels you can expect.


Sofradir aims to reduce the cost of IR imagers

For decades infrared detector development has drawn on many different types of material. Philippe Tribolet explains why Sofradir has selected HgCdTe for its future plans, including building a new $12 m fab to cut chip manufacturing costs.


Jena's optics industry thrives on strong links

Education, research and industry are the three backbones that underpin the optical activities in Jena, Germany. Jacqueline Hewett speaks to the key players in the region to get a flavour of how these factors have been exploited to create today's thriving optical hub.

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