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17 Sep 19
MicroLED array improves light delivery for optogenetics

New system is aimed at optical stimulation and neuroscience in large animal models.

17 Sep 19
Imec and NUS working on chip-based quantum cryptography

Aim is to develop and integrate all QKD key components in a single silicon-photonics chip to counter quantum-based threats.

16 Sep 19
Solliance and Miasolé’s record conversion for flexible solar cells

23% efficiency achieved for flexible perovskite and CIGS-tandem design development.

16 Sep 19
High-speed wavefront shaping offers improved imaging in tissues

University of Colorado Boulder phase-control technique is an order of magnitude faster than other technologies.

12 Sep 19
Laser tweezers help stabilize atomic clock

Preliminary data suggest that trapping and controlling individual strontium atoms with light beams yields better performance.

11 Sep 19
Graphene key to terahertz space telescopes

Breakthrough at Chalmers University of Technology to “revolutionize sensors used in next-gen space telescopes.”

10 Sep 19
TULIPP platform blooms for enhancing image processors

European development project leads to more energy-efficient, less costly embedded image processing systems for monitoring, medicine and more.

10 Sep 19
Cascade laser probes fireball chemistry

System shows how concentration of combustion gases differs, depending on the type of explosive used in a bomb.

05 Sep 19
Semiconductor combination yields more power from solar cells

Capitano research project at Karlsruhe investigates benefits of mixing perovskite with CIGS to boost photovoltaic efficiency.

04 Sep 19
€10.6M project seeks to resurrect concentrated solar power

‘HIPERION’ effort to establish concentrating module pilot line capable of harvesting solar energy under cloudy conditions.

04 Sep 19
Color-matched solar car roof debuts at Frankfurt Motor Show

At next week's IAA, Fraunhofer ISE will present "invisible" solar panels that can charge batteries and extend drive range by at least 10%.

03 Sep 19
US Department of Energy backs 'quantum repeater' development

$13.7 million earmarked over next few years to help extend range of quantum-encrypted networks.

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