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04 May 17
Optical sensor spots potential carcinogen in food

B-PHOT project detects acrylamide precursors in peeled potatoes.

03 May 17
Sensors that mimic the human retina promise improved machine vision

UK project investigates neuromorphic vision sensing for cameras and robots.

03 May 17
Lund researchers develop ‘World’s fastest’ film camera

Films at a rate equivalent to 5 trillion frames per second to "freeze" highest-speed chemical reactions, such as combustion.

03 May 17
Photonic chip brings super-resolution potential to conventional microscopy platforms

Bielefeld University and University of Tromsø project enables chip-based localization microscopy.

03 May 17
Fiber-optic probe promises endoscopic cancer diagnosis

Compact device from Jena team offers alternative to conventional biopsies.

26 Apr 17
Light can boost perovskite solar cell formation

Efficiency of perovskite-based photovoltaic cells depends on controlling its deposition into films.

26 Apr 17
Japanese team proposes solar cell offering >50% conversion efficiency

Professors Kita and Asahi at Kobe University use 2-photon model to develop new solar cell structure for generating stronger photocurrents.

25 Apr 17
Karlsruhe Inst of Technology achieves 3D printing of glass

New procedure allows complex forms of glass to be made with micrometer features by 3D-printing.

20 Apr 17
US team claims 'synthetic aperture' imaging advance

Researchers lay 'key groundwork' towards practical implementation of resolution-boosting approach analogous to radar technique.

20 Apr 17
Metamaterial MEMS device offers tuned thermal emission

Duke University system emits infrared energy in reconfigurable patterns.

18 Apr 17
Hyperspectral developers target smart phone applications

Researchers in Finland, Germany and Israel help 'democratize' the broadband sensor technology.

12 Apr 17
NUS engineers develop novel lens for super-resolution imaging

Discovery breaks resolution limitations in microscopy; Potential applications in high precision failure inspection and biological research.

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