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15 Sep 20
Second Singapore collaboration couples silicon photonics with lasers

Denselight and Advanced Micro Foundry developing highly integrated approach for both data center and sensing applications.

15 Sep 20
LZH developing optical process to better disinfect raw chicken

Beating bacteria in food production by a combination of UV laser treatment and bacteriophages is the aim of ODLAB project.

15 Sep 20
Imaging of hidden objects offers route to improved robotic vision

Stanford project based on confocal diffuse tomography could also assist autonomous driving.

15 Sep 20
Bristol develops near-optimal chip-based photon source for quantum computing

Device paves the way to mass-manufacturable single-photon sources for large-scale quantum computing.

09 Sep 20
Smart contact lens offers improved vision correction

Imec artificial iris based on liquid crystals is capable of dynamically changing pupil size.

08 Sep 20
CompoundTek and NTU working on compact tunable laser

Three-year venture between silicon photonics foundry and Singapore's NTU to develop new sources for comms and more.

08 Sep 20
Tunable emission offers new route to multicolor luminescent materials

Tokyo University of Science links proton flow to emitted light.

07 Sep 20
£8M laser imaging research to make gas turbine jet engines greener

Strathclyde leading UK project Laser Imaging of Turbine Engine Combustion Species to improve combustion modeling.

03 Sep 20
Duisburg-Essen group progresses 3D laser printing in color

Achieved by coating powder grains with nanoparticles made of silver.

02 Sep 20
Metasurfaces bring holographic movies within reach

TUAT project reconstructs holographic stills into moving image at 30 frames per second.

01 Sep 20
Botanisol wins $1.5 M contract to build Covid-19 detector

Client is US Air Force Research Lab; previous developments include 785+ Surface Enhanced Spectrometer.

01 Sep 20
Laser ablation of bone cement promises smoother hip surgeries

LZH project aims to develop platform for imaging and removal of cement during arthroplasty.

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