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29 Jul 15
Improved, cheaper hybrid solar cell material created

Kaunas University team develops cheaper “hole-transporter” for 17% PV process efficiency.

28 Jul 15
Laser and chemical analysis could cut historic stone theft

Research project at Loughborough, UK, uses LIBS to identify heritage materials.

27 Jul 15
3D-printed aircraft launched from warship

University of Southampton engineers test fly and safely land “SULSA” – a laser-printed unmanned aircraft.

15 Jul 15
Laser sensor could replace finger-prick diabetes test

Non-invasive device could end daily discomfort for people with diabetes; Leeds, UK, group aiming for market in 2-3 years.

15 Jul 15
Imec boosts perovskite PV module conversion close to 12%

Results presented at US industry forum; Imec also describes 35% potential of hybrid with silicon.

14 Jul 15
Photoacoustic imaging shapes up in breast cancer trial

Optical technique appears able to distinguish between different tumor shapes in University of Twente study.

08 Jul 15
Terahertz sensor achieves faster detection of hidden objects

Q-Eye from UK’s Warwick University is sensitive to single photons; new spin-off targets applications in security.

08 Jul 15
UCSD team breaks power, distance barriers for optical comms

Frequency comb ensures crosstalk between multiple comms channels within the same fiber is reversible.

07 Jul 15
Europe-wide project reports silicon photonics successes

Three-year ESSenTIAL program has taken technology to industry, developed new products, and trained hundreds in Si-Photonics techniques.

02 Jul 15
Researchers to test new optical fiber 3D printing technique

Scientists at Zepler Institute say method will enable "previously impossible" fiber structures and applications.

01 Jul 15
Fraunhofer and CEA forge closer collaboration on multi-junction solar

'Virtual lab' to specialize in development of ultra-high-efficiency photovoltaic devices for both CPV and consumer use.

30 Jun 15
Six Catalan technical research centers join forces

New Barcelona Institute of Science & Technology to pursue joint projects in photonics, nano, high-energy physics and biochemistry.

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