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24 Mar 15
Call for ten-year 'quantum' investment in UK

Newly published strategy document highlights future applications of single-photon sources, silicon waveguides and lasers.

24 Mar 15
Diffuse optics detects spinal cord ischemia

Stony Brook Medicine probe measures both blood flow and oxygenation directly in real-time.

19 Mar 15
Sol Voltaics pushes GaAs for tandem PV

Swedish company doubles conversion efficiency of its small-scale nanowire array cells; commercialization of films slated for 2017.

18 Mar 15
European project into quantum dot R&D seeks PhDs

Growing interest in QD-based technologies and recent commercialization prompts training recruitment drive.

18 Mar 15
Faster and possible 3D-optical control of particles shown in Japan

Okinawa team reports higher order modes of light create powerful optical force; driving particles along fibers is promising for drug delivery.

17 Mar 15
Infinera and BICS simulate 'undersea' trial of terrestrial fiber

Successful transmission over 7,400km of "Trans-Atlantic Performance" using PM-8QAM modulation.

17 Mar 15
Silicon photonics takes next step toward high bandwidth future

IBM researchers attach silicon photonic chips directly to processor, promising faster, cheaper and lower energy solution for computing, cloud and data centers.

17 Mar 15
Black phosphorus shows promise for photodetectors

University of Minnesota integrates black phosphorus on silicon photonic waveguide.

11 Mar 15
UK Ministry of Defence invites laser weapon proposals

Mid-April event to outline needs and discuss options with potential suppliers.

11 Mar 15
Optical chip models tsunamis and hurricanes

Expected to have significant applications for energy research and environmental safety.

11 Mar 15
Frequency comb gets infrared extension

Research team including Nobel winner Ted Hänsch raises possibility of chip-scale sensors extending through the mid-IR region.

05 Mar 15
Fiber focus for new petawatt laser design

Thales collaborates with leading research group at École Polytechnique on new coherent amplification network approach to high-power systems.

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