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15 Jun 17
Photothermal imaging reveals details of mitochondrial networks

Technique offers alternative to currently used techniques and avoids complex sample preparation.

13 Jun 17
Lidar to protect world’s longest floating bridge against high winds

Norway's new 1100km coastal Euro-highway will rely on understanding wind behavior using new lidar-based measurement method.

13 Jun 17
Crick Institute invests in 'virtual lens' microscopy kit

Ptychography equipment developed by UK-based Phasefocus offers label-free imaging of live cells.

13 Jun 17
Sentinel-2B beams back images via laser space network

Near-instantaneous delivery of high-resolution imagery to Alphasat geostationary relay station nearly 36,000 km away.

08 Jun 17
LASER 2017: Product launches preview – part 2

More early announcements from suppliers including II-VI, Raylase, Lumentum, Ingeneric, and NKT Photonics.

07 Jun 17
Quantum uplink offers satellite 'blueprint'

Canada team demonstrates proof-of-principle with quantum key uplink from ground transmitter to passing plane.

07 Jun 17
Combined fluorescence microscopy and MRI reveals neural dynamics

Integrating the two techniques helps to link microscopic activity with larger behavior of nervous system.

06 Jun 17
Thorlabs-Bari research partnership formed to advance gas sensing technologies

Polysense, based at the University of Bari, Italy, will benefit from Thorlabs' €2m investment and equipment.

02 Jun 17
LIGO team confirms third gravity-wave event

Collision of black holes was detected in early January; Virgo facility in Italy nearly ready to join observation runs following upgrade.

31 May 17
Power surge: installed PV passes the 300GW mark

Reported 50% boom in installations last year, dominated by rapid growth in the US and China.

26 May 17
JunoCam images delight and amaze astronomers

Extraordinary new views of Jupiter's poles provided by sensors on board NASA craft.

24 May 17
Photoacoustic imaging shows accurate tumor margins

Using ultraviolet wavelengths reveals cell architecture more rapidly than standard histology.

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