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13 May 19
Laser system speeds heart flutter procedure

Trial on 60 patients in Czech Republic indicates potential for more rapid treatment of atrial fibrillation.

09 May 19
NIR analyzer boosts meat and olive testing

PerkinElmer's DA 6200 optical analyzer provides food processors with "improved quality and process control".

08 May 19
Miniature hand-held OCT probe offers effective pediatric imaging

University of Washington project improves scanning efficiency and ease of use.

07 May 19
Optical biopsy shows promise in lung cancer trial

Study on 22 patients with the disease shows that real-time diagnostic and staging approach is 'feasible and safe'.

25 Apr 19
Picosun’s ALD tech leads to 'brighter, stronger' micro-LEDs

Atomic layer deposition thin film coating with passivation boosts output and energy efficiency of micro-LEDs.

19 Apr 19
DCS 2019: Kent Periscopes present scope for AFVs

Presents driver of armored fighting vehicle with twin images of surroundings in shortwave or visible light formats.

19 Apr 19
SRI International joins US Army night vision development program

California laboratory joins Microsoft and SiOnyx as partners on 'IVAS' effort to improve soldiers' situational awareness.

16 Apr 19
Orbiting telescope spies first Earth-sized exoplanet

NASA’s 'TESS' probe locates hot new world orbiting a star 53 light years away.

09 Apr 19
Low-cost solar telescope prepares to observe chromosphere

University of Sheffield is supplying the only European device on NASA's High Altitude Student Platform.

08 Apr 19
Seminex launches laser engine production line

US firm manufactures high power infrared diode lasers for military, medical, cosmetic, and dental applications.

03 Apr 19
Pocket-sized laser projector launched on Kickstarter

With standalone and Raspberry Pi versions, the Nebra Anybeam will ‘revolutionize’ sector, says developer.

02 Apr 19
Lumotive solid-state lidar could guide autonomous vehicles

The Bill Gates-backed start-up uses metasurface technology to improve performance.

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