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06 Mar 19
Raman reveals the tumors most likely to resist radiotherapy

University of Arkansas and Johns Hopkins identify differences between treatment-sensitive and treatment-resistant sites.

06 Mar 19
Metal-glass welding 'to transform manufacturing' – Heriot Watt

Researchers led by Duncan Hand have welded glass and various metals/alloys using an ultrafast pulsed laser system.

06 Mar 19
Mauna Kea miniprobe receives FDA approval

Addition to Cellvizio platform will assist imaging of peripheral lung nodules.

05 Mar 19
Enhanced HoloLens 2 boosts MR hologram experience

Microsoft’s new mixed reality headset debuts at MWC 2019; while Photonics West heard strong diverse views on MR trends and progress.

05 Mar 19
Raman spectroscopy spots microplastic pollution

Renishaw platform used to characterize pollution entering Danish wastewater systems.

01 Mar 19
Quantum optics chip picks UK Premium Bond winners

National Savings & Investments bank uses ID Quantique technology in the fifth generation of its ‘ERNIE’ random number generator.

27 Feb 19
Xperi facial recognition technology comes to LG smartphone

Time-of-flight approach said to offer enhanced security and performance over competitors.

26 Feb 19
Photoacoustics promises clearer view of human vasculature

Latest work at Caltech reveals angiographic structures in hands, arms, legs, and feet.

20 Feb 19
Coherent launches ExactCut precision laser machine

To meet growing demand for processing thinner glass used in mobile electronics, and for high-spec medical devices.

20 Feb 19
Lockheed Martin-led group offers IR-enabled Falcon to counter missiles

Falcon is driven by Diehl's 40-km range Infra-Red Imaging System Tail/Thrust Vector-Controlled (IRIS-T) SLM interceptor.

20 Feb 19
Euro-project combines two 3D laser printing processes in one machine

Fraunhofer ILT-led HoPro-3D project intended to produce finer polymer structures faster, with diverse applications.

20 Feb 19
Laser frequency comb ready for exoplanet hunt

NIST-built photonics equipment has precision needed to characterize habitable planets around common 'M dwarf' stars.

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