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13 Jun 18
Spex HMD headset allows enhanced vision for high-precision tasks

New device brings virtual and augmented reality to an all-day wearable device.

07 Jun 18
Innoviz and HiRain partner to take LiDAR to Chinese carmakers...

...as two further Chinese automotive companies report progress with new LiDAR-based self-drive vehicles.

05 Jun 18
LZH achieves laser welding of steel-aluminum mixed joints

Such metal combinations needed for future low-weight vehicles; LZH says problem solved by LaserLeichter project.

04 Jun 18
Osram LEDs to grow NASA space salad

'Smart horticulture' lighting system prototype used in NASA ground research.

31 May 18
Columbia team's 'non-invasive' laser method corrects corneal shape

Low-power, ultrafast laser and photochemical effects alter properties of collagenous tissue without cell damage.

30 May 18
NIST develops novel high-power laser meter

Compact design with high-performance opens door to in-situ, real-time monitoring of industrial apps and more.

29 May 18
'SPIRou' spectropolarimeter ready to begin exoplanet hunt

State-of-the-art optical equipment achieves first light at the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope on the summit of Mauna Kea.

29 May 18
Optical Surfaces mirrors to aid Jupiter moon mission

UK firm’s precision optical equipment will be used to test laser altimeter in advance of 2022 launch.

28 May 18
Leak detectors sense commercial opportunities

Photonics techniques are finding applications in remote sensing of methane gas leaks, and now spawning startup activity.

25 May 18
Optical biopsy platform gains FDA clearance for neurosurgery

'Pivotal regulatory milestone' for high-stakes applications, says developer Mauna Kea Technologies.

24 May 18
Jabil Optics expands R&D resources

With the opening of 2000 square meter Optics Technology Innovation Center in Haifa, Israel.

23 May 18
Display Week showcases AR breakthroughs and more

55th edition of LA’s screen-fest also celebrates the half-century of liquid crystal displays.

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