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04 Feb 20
Tunable lens allows faster imaging of zebrafish blood vessels

University of Science and Technology of China project boosts focusing speed to see cardiovascular system.

30 Jan 20
CompoundTek opens SE Asia’s first silicon photonics test hub

Singapore center offers a range of capabilities in niche optical-semiconductor technology testing.

30 Jan 20
Panasonic develops high-power blue beam combining

New design enables high-power, shorter wavelength laser for microfabrication at high beam quality.

30 Jan 20
II-VI launches 'high-speed VCSELs' for optical HDMI apps

To support trend in televison and computer displays moving toward higher resolution outputs and higher data rates.

29 Jan 20
Adva plays key role in optical quantum communications...

...while Toshiba achieves first transmission of real-time genome sequence data with QKD security.

29 Jan 20
Precision laser drilling helps filter microplastics from water

SimConDrill project using Fraunhofer ILT technology is nominated for Green Award.

28 Jan 20
Raman test for blood glucose promises better diabetes management

MIT achieves direct observation of glucose Raman peaks from a subject's skin without advanced computation.

22 Jan 20
OmniVision and Artilux collaborate on 3D infrared sensors

Adoption of germanium-on-silicon light absorption layer extends sensing range to 1550 nm for higher performance.

15 Jan 20
Wearable sensor tracks the pH of sweat

National University of Singapore device adds new capability to health monitors.

14 Jan 20
Mauna Kea reports positive results with its endomicroscope

Needle-based optical inspection effective in clinical management of pancreatic cystic lesions.

14 Jan 20
European weather forecasters start using UV Doppler lidar

Back-up laser on board Aeolus satellite provides wind analysis for improved forecasting.

14 Jan 20
LED illumination stimulates regeneration of hair and skin

Revian phototherapy device promotes generation and release of nitric oxide.

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