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02 Apr 19
Lumotive solid-state lidar could guide autonomous vehicles

The Bill Gates-backed start-up uses metasurface technology to improve performance.

02 Apr 19
Liquid crystals deflect laser pointer attacks

Lewis University project uses liquid crystals between layers of glass to spread incoming light.

26 Mar 19
New confocal technique offers images of working neurons

Boston University project helps reveal complex brain functions in living animals.

26 Mar 19
Facial recognition spots happy pigs

Project from Scotland’s Rural College and UWE could alert farmers to animal health problems.

25 Mar 19
Bertin to design optical analyzer for world's largest fusion reactor

ITER Organization signs contract with French technology firm for density interferometer polarimeter system design.

21 Mar 19
II-VI Inc boosts power rating of laser cutting head to 15kW

BIMO-FSC head addresses market for 1µm laser-based flat sheet cutting; company opens service centre in China.

20 Mar 19
Hera spacecraft takes Asteroid Framing Cameras to Didymos asteroids

Imaging technology previously used on the Dawn mission remains the instrument of choice.

20 Mar 19
CEA LETI announces next-gen photo-acoustic sensors for gas detection

REDFINCH team achieves capabilities in MIR region, where many chemical, biological species have strong absorption.

18 Mar 19
Multi-wavelength additive manufacturing produces multi-material items

University of Wisconsin-Madison develops optical platform able to solidify different resins in one component.

12 Mar 19
MIT imaging system spots tiny tumors

Near-IR DOLPHIN platform could lead to earlier detection of cancers.

08 Mar 19
Laser scanning shows up hidden military tunnels on Alcatraz

Combination of terrestrial laser scans, ground-penetrating radar data and georectification details earthwork defenses from 1850s fort.

06 Mar 19
Metal-glass welding 'to transform manufacturing' – Heriot Watt

Researchers led by Duncan Hand have welded glass and various metals/alloys using an ultrafast pulsed laser system.

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