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09 Aug 17
SPIE Optics+Photonics: LSST on a roll to first light

Large Synoptic Survey Telescope is still on track to begin vast astronomical 'census' in October 2022, hears conference.

09 Aug 17
OCT reveals fine details of metal flakes in automotive paint

University of Liverpool project also indicates uses of OCT in industrial quality assurance.

08 Aug 17
SPIE Optics+Photonics: sustainable energy session stirs excitement

San Diego event hears that as much as 5 TW of photovoltaic power could be deployed by 2030, if the technology can be 'Uberized'.

07 Aug 17
SPIE Optics+Photonics: Curiosity racks up five years on Mars

Autonomous rover is effectively a 'robot geochemist' utilizing a variety of optics and photonics equipment.

03 Aug 17
Adaptive optics sharpens spectroscopic views of planetary nebulae

'Spectacular improvement' in image quality at Very Large Telescope’s multi-unit spectroscopic explorer instrument.

01 Aug 17
Gravity-wave detection 'enters new era' as VIRGO joins search

Upgraded detectors at Italian site will enable astronomers to pinpoint sources of gravitational waves.

25 Jul 17
M Squared uses Airy LSM to reveal neural interactions

Research on light sheet microscopy forms part of collaboration with University of St Andrews.

25 Jul 17
Laser acne treatment gets more VC support for clinical trial

US company Sebacia raises $36M in debt and equity finance; trial results anticipated next year.

18 Jul 17
£6M quantum funding round opens in UK

Latest scheme to aid quantum technology commercialization includes support for non-technical projects including roadmapping and knowledge exchange activity.

18 Jul 17
Raman reveals molecular details of degenerative diseases

CNRS project promises faster imaging of molecular dynamics and could assist early diagnosis.

17 Jul 17
Car paint, artworks and explosives: terahertz finds niches

From tooth enamel characterization to paper production quality control and examining the thickness of car paint, terahertz technology is finding its feet in commercial applications.

14 Jul 17
Optical clearing gives unhindered view of cardiac tissues

Imperial College technique allows faster imaging of myocardial sections.

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