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26 Aug 20
SPIE Optics + Photonics Digital Forum: Samsung Display shifts to quantum dots

Korean firm looks beyond LCD and OLED, with new generation of screens based on direct quantum-dot emitter layers.

25 Aug 20
New imaging system reveals details of fatty liver disease

KAIST project combines intravital imaging and new labelling dye to show cellular mechanisms.

24 Aug 20
Novel sensors to detect rising ocean greenhouse gas levels, pipeline leaks

Low-cost optical fiber isotope detectors developed at ORC are target of new fellowship at University of Southampton.

19 Aug 20
Flat lenses offer route to diffraction-limited imaging

New manufacturing method uses femtosecond laser to create surface structures on monolayers.

18 Aug 20
Fluorescent diamond microparticles offer new class of quantum sensors

RMIT University process paves the way for field-deployable quantum metrology applications.

18 Aug 20
'Finned' LEDs beat efficiency droop

Novel device architecture able to generate far more power than conventional designs in near-ultraviolet spectrum.

12 Aug 20
Ionic isolation offers highly fluorescent materials

Indiana University and partners develop new route to fluorescent polymers.

11 Aug 20
4D OCT reveals details of embryonic heartbeats

Imaging platform allows new study of cardiac biomechanics.

10 Aug 20
EPFL develops technology to amplify light inside hollow-core fiber

Pressurizing gas method can be applied to any wavelength from infrared to ultraviolet, and to any gas.

06 Aug 20
University of Arizona awarded $26M to develop quantum internet

To lead new NSF Center for Quantum Networks – in partnership with Harvard, MIT and Yale.

05 Aug 20
Micro LED needle patches enable PDT to treat deepest skin cancers

CEA LETI and Inserm-Lille University Hospital develop 750µm LED needle patches to reach interface between epidermis and dermis.

05 Aug 20
Alpes Lasers develops ultrafast sensor to tackle toxic wastewater

Hydroptics project aims to improve contaminant detection with AI and infrared spectroscopy, based on QCL frequency combs.

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