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20 Mar 24
China-Europe group creates customizable waveguide arrays to drive photonic systems

With implications ranging from mode lasing, to data transmission, and quantum optics.

14 Mar 24
Ultrablack thin-film coating could improve ‘next-gen’ telescopes

China group-developed coating absorbs 99% of light while braving harsh conditions.

14 Mar 24
Ultra-short light pulses enable high-precision ‘artificial nose’

TU Vienna improves spectroscopy with “stimulated Raman emission” method; claims faster, more precise results.

13 Mar 24
Max-Planck progresses UV spectroscopy with high-resolution dual-comb method…

…and Stanford launches “micro” frequency comb, as basis for mass-market adoption of such devices.

12 Mar 24
Microscopy plus deep learning advances prostate cancer diagnosis

University of Washington (Seattle) develops machine-learning model to improve biopsy assessment.

06 Mar 24
Max Born Institute demonstrates attosecond spectroscopy at 1 kHz

New pump-probe method promises new investigation of fast electron dynamics.

06 Mar 24
Thin-film carbon nanotubes assist novel non-destructive testing

Chuo University develops photosensitive device able to image targets' inner structures.

05 Mar 24
NUS develops triple junction tandem solar cells with record efficiency

Perovskite-silicon design offers potential to achieve above 50% conversion efficiency.

27 Feb 24
Terahertz biosensor spots early signs of skin cancer

Queen Mary device using THz metasurfaces distinguishes healthy from cancerous tissue.

27 Feb 24
UK funds 'future telecommunications' challenge projects

PureLiFi, Fraunhofer, Alter, and Vector Photonics among those sharing in £22 million research effort.

26 Feb 24
IonQ claims quantum interconnect advance

Quantum computing firm says it has generated photons entangled with ions repeatedly and reproducibly.

21 Feb 24
WashU develops portable OCT based on photonic integrated circuits

Grant of $20 million will support research into platform for eye screening at lower cost.

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