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04 Dec 12
Iridex laser delivery system gets transatlantic clearance

Multi-spot “TxCell” system is designed to improve laser treatment of serious retinal diseases.

04 Dec 12
European EUV developments are 'world beaters'

German and Dutch researchers and companies are refining short wavelength techniques that promise innovative chips and applications.

28 Nov 12
Fraunhofer unveils additive manufacturing breakthroughs

A new software system and a deal with Daimler promote incorporation of the technology into manufacturing cycles.

28 Nov 12
Lockheed laser downs rocket targets

US defense contractor’s 10 kW fiber laser system is latest to demonstrate real-world potential.

28 Nov 12
OptaSense supplies pipeline security technology to Iraq

The company's distributed fiber sensing system will be installed along a 180 km oil pipeline corridor.

28 Nov 12
Active optical cable exceeds copper rates

Lowers 10G link costs, boosts server integration, doubles reach, weighs 75% less than copper cable.

22 Nov 12
Simple optical technique probes graphene

Conventional microscopy technique enables quick, cheap inspection of ultrathin materials.

21 Nov 12
CPV modules set to power Edwards Air Force Base

US company Semprius will provide 2400 modules mounted on dual-axis trackers – enough to deliver 200 kW of power to the base.

15 Nov 12
Danes set to install 32kW laser for welding development

Lindø Welding Technology commissioned the ultra-high-power thin-disk system from Trumpf to perform deep-penetration welding.

14 Nov 12
MBDA's laser weapon destroys artillery models

40 kW system using fiber lasers supplied by IPG Photonics completes deployment sequence on towed shell targets.

01 Nov 12
Novel etch method produces 3D microstructures in silicon

Promising new methods for optical processing for telecoms

23 Oct 12
FDA 510(k) clearances, July-September 2012

Femtosecond laser systems for ophthalmology feature again in the FDA's list for third quarter of the year.

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